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Re: Periods after chemo? Did they return and when?

Hiya vickie
hope you are well Smiley Happy
I have several friends who had hormone positive bc + so are on tamoxifen. Only one of them has periods- the rest stopped during chemo + the tamoxifen has kept them at bay. So it's probably the hormone treatment that's responsible.
My periods only stopped just after 2nd tax although they had become shorter + lighter a little while before. My periods returned 7wks after my last chemo (!) so I quickly had to dig out my supplies of tampax etc which I'd put away thinking I wouldn't need them for ages! Interestingly, the 1st period post chemo was the day after my 2nd surgery following my skin mets dx. I've heard that the trauma of surgery can make people come on + that seemed to be what happened in my case.
Try not to worry
love tina xx

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Re: Periods after chemo? Did they return and when?

Hi, I was 31 when I had chemo, 7 cycles, periods stopped towards the end, got closer together, heavy, then light spotting then stopped. I got my first period 10 months after the end of the chemo. Very, very heavy, felt like a total mad women in the run up to said period, very hormonal 100 times worse then ever before. Then went on Zoladex for 7 months and have come off that as of Jan 2011. No periods as yet but are starting to feel hormonal again, so think they are on their way back. On tamoxifen, have been since chemo finished. Periods before have been irregular, long cycles. when I came off the pill 5 years ago in preparation to have a baby, it took 10 months before I started having proper periods, even then the cycles were far apart. I have been told to expect heavy periods for at least the first few. Am hoping the return of periods will help with the hot flushes. Boo x

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Periods after chemo? Did they return and when?

The title says it all! I just wondered whether other younger women who had chemo had had their periods back? I havent and am 7 months post fec-t.

I wondered
1. How old you were at dx?
2. Were your periods regular or not before?
3. What chemo you had, if any?
4. If/when your periods stopped?
5. If you had hormone therapy and/or the injections to keep your periods away?
6. If/ when your periods came back, and if they are regular now?

I was 36 at dx, very regular periods before, periods stopped after chemo 4 ( first tax cycle, periods had got lighter and irregular under the previous 3 fec cycles), chemo ginished 7 months ago, tamoxifen started 6 mths ago, no injections, no sign of periods returning yet.

Thanks in anticipation of your response!