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Any1 with fibroadenoma

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Re: Any1 with fibroadenoma

Hi Lizp85


Sorry that you havent had any replies yet.  You may find more people will respond if you posted in Screenings and scans or Appointments and waiting for test results.


Our nurses are available to speak with on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000 or you can post a question on the Ask Our Nurse area of this Forum and our experts will be able to respond to you there.


Best wishes
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Any1 with fibroadenoma

Hi went to hosp on 4th for my scan which showed a soild lump they tried getting fuild but culdnt so took cells instead .I've recived a letter saying they are testing it and it's 7mm. Has any1 else had it and is this big as I've read average size is 1-3mm