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Abbreviations on the Forum

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Abbreviations on the Forum


These definitions of medical words may help you feel better informed, whether you've been diagnosed with breast cancer or know someone who has. You can find them on our website here.


As well as medical terms and conditions, forum users often use a lot of abbreviations and acronyms, which can be confusing for new forum users. Some of those terms are below Smiley Happy



YD = Youngest Daughter
ED = Eldest Daughter
MD = Middle Daughter
OH = Other Half (husband, wife, partner)
mil = mother in law
fil = father in law
bil = brother in law
sil = son in law or sister in law
dil = daughter in law
dh = darling husband
ds = darling son
dd = darling daughter
dgc = darling grandchild(ren)

PM = private message

BC = breast cancer
chemo = chemotherapy
Dx = Diagnosis
MX = Mastectomy
BCN = Breast Care Nurse
Onc = Oncologist
Rads = Radiotherapy


If anyone can think of any abbreviations they would like to add feel free to email us at .