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Re: Secondary Private Group

Please can I join this group? I have been posting on the secondary board. I am trying to come to terms with my current situation, but finding it difficult. I was dx nearly three years ago with sec bc, but it is no longer under  control. Thank you, 


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Re: Secondary Private Group

Lizzy please can i join this group. I have just been dx with secondary TN BC so i need the support
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Re: Secondary Private Group

Hi.just my own thoughts.i think its great to have a private group..but I will carry on with original.while coming to some sort of terms with this horrid illness over two years ago.i didn't sign up.but I read others posts and they helped and educated me so much..i now post and will continue to in the hope it may help others like I was helped.thanks Sharon.
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Re: Secondary Private Group

Hi stresshead


There is a new private group here which you will need to ask to join.  It is in the main board listings, which you may not see if you access your threads via bookmarkers.  It would be great to have you and anyone else with secondary breast cancer join for a safe space to chat and share images if you wish.


Best wishes
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Re: Secondary Private Group

Hi Lizzie...have i missed something? i'm a bit of a technophobe and didnt realise there was a private secondary group on this forum. I post on the secondary section a lot and would be interested to know abot the private grop and how i get on it. Hoping you can help. Thanks

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Secondary Private Group

Hi all,


Thank you for your interest in the secondary private group.  It has been brought to our attention that there are some concerns over the safety and accessibility of the group.


All questions are listened to and it is understandable that the safety of the group is of such concern for everyone.  Please read all the information below, as we hope to alleviate all and any concerns, though please do continue to ask as the purpose of this space is for you all to feel safe and secure in order to provide a much needed space to be as honest and open with each other as you wish without the fear of others being able to intrude or read what you are all sharing.


Before accepting members to the secondary private group we read and check the content of their previous posts and see if they have previously posted on secondary boards.  If they talk about their diagnoses then we accept their request to join the group, If we are unsure about a user’s diagnosis we then email them asking if they can give us some more information about their diagnoses and explain that this is a closed and private group just for those who are living with secondary breast cancer.


We are very careful with whom we accept into the group and do perform checks but what we are unable to prevent is someone giving us or you false information. However, we feel confident that the group will provide a supportive, private community area for people with secondary breast cancer where they can feel safe and supported by others who have shared or similar experiences, which is in an area which cannot be viewed by anyone on the open forum. 


Also, we have happily now fixed the glitch which prevented users from viewing the members list of the group. You can now see the members of the group if you click the view all button at the bottom of the members bar on the right hand side.


Best wishes,


Lizzy & Anna


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