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Lump on sternum


Re: Lump on sternum

Morning just read my post and realise it looked a bit weird. What I was wanting to know was if Anyone else has had bony lumps develop on the site of mets?  Just wanting to have some idea of what to expect. Thank you. 


Lump on sternum

Hi all.  Bit emotional. Diagnosed breast cancer - chemo and skin sparing mastectomy 1999/2000.  No problems till June 2015 then short of breath and had malignant effusion. Mets in hips, spine, sternum and lung.  Good news denusomab,letrozole and calcium D3 have been holding it. Scans 3 x6 monthly depending on findings. No obvious side effects from treatment.

Today - all small changes but: fluid on lung, small increase in lungs and now small areas in liver. Got a lump on sternum that oncologist feels is likely to be related to mets - sounds pathetic but it is in my face every time I look in a mirror and people are noticing it. I’m almost 63, still working 3 days a week and managed a 10 mile charity walk two weeks ago. So much to be grateful for but tonight feeling overwhelmed 😟. Marie