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Cyberknife and denosumab


Re: Cyberknife and denosumab

Hi there, not been offered trial as very freshly diagnosed, but wondered if you could tell me the name of the cyberknife trial ? I heard they now have one at the Marsden.
Thank you
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Cyberknife and denosumab

Hi ladies, not been on much lately. I was dx at Christmas last year with secondaries in vertebra, sacrum and pubic bone.

I've been on letrozole and Ibrance plus zometa ans triptorelin since January. First 2 quarterly scans show reduction the stability.

Got the results today which showed activity in the vertebra which could be a precursor to it spreading.

Onc wants to put me forward for cyberknife trial and switch zometa from tryptyrolene.

Any one had similar or can you tell me your experiences with these two new treatments
Thank you x