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Surgery done

Had my lumpectomy yesterday with two sentinel node removal and at the same time a gynae procedure and polyp removal and biopsy 

now waiting for the nurse to visit .

read the doctors discharge summary and feel grateful that after the first excision they found more cancer and re excised to remove it so hoping for a clear margin.

results next Friday.

had to stay in a night as had a hemiplegic migraine and lost movement and power in my left hand side and slurred speech - but have had one before last year so knew it wasn't a stroke but had to have a 

 CT scan.- was all normal.

now feel I'm just waiting ??? Feel very sore but of course expect that but doing the exercises.

grade 2 - guess I am very lucky in comparison with many others on this forum .

lots of support from family and friends but it all seems so surreal??? 

Feel odd ?