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Setting up a new Metastatic breast CNS service


Re: Setting up a new Metastatic breast CNS service

Looking at the toolkit will help it has lots of good practice stories and templates including questionnaires to adapt. In Cornwall we don’t do home visits but work closely with community teams. Happy to help if I can best wishes Wendy x


Setting up a new Metastatic breast CNS service

I am 4 weeks in post and am in the process of setting up a new MB service.  Oh were do I start.  I am a NMP and have a clinic one day a week which runs alongside the Consultant, where I prescribe chemo, or see patients that are having any problems etc.  I don't sit in with the Consultant at the moment unless the patient is a new diagnosis, has a progressive scan result.  I have seen a few patients at home, which is so beneficial, but I am worried that when the service takes off there will not be enough time in my day.  I am looking to send a questionnaire to the patients to see what they want from the service, so that I have a starting point.  Anyone got any questionnaires that they have sent to patients that I can use as a guide to adapt.  Any guidelines, SOPs etc that you feel that I may need.  Does anyone else incorporate community into their role, and if so do you have a policy on this.  Really any advice would be great.  I am lucky that I am covering one inpatient hospital but there is just me.  Anything will be so useful as I have nothing at the moment.  Thank you x