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Heart Scans on Trastuzumab.


Re: Heart Scans on Trastuzumab.


We do an ECHO at baseline for metastatic breast patients as per our protocol, sometimes repeat though this tends to be driven by symptoms

I have spoken to our oncologist, who wrote the protocol and is happy for you to contact him if required


Weston General Hospital


Heart Scans on Trastuzumab.

We currently do MUGA scans on out Trastuzumab HER2 +ve SBC patients ( although once they have been on trastuzumab for more that a year we stop - unless clinical signs of heart failure) .


We are wanting to swap to ECHO's - as less radiation, cheaper, quicker and no need to obtain IV access. I personally think it is a no brainer but the problem we have is we are a stand alone cancer centre with an already up and running nucleur medicine dept but no cardiology. Our trials unit have access to ECHO's as a echocardiographer comes to our hospital once a week - but this is not enough to accommodate all our SBC and primary BC patients.


What mode of monitoring do you currently use -

Do you stop at one year

If you use ECHO's - is this within your local cardiology Dept or has anyone trained up to perform these (radiographers for example)

Would anyone be able to put me in contact with who ever runs their trastuzumab services - it would be great to network.

Tej - Velindre Cardiff.