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Who to see with new bone pain?


Re: Who to see with new bone pain?

Hi Mammycatx

Thanks for replying 😊

It’s only been a couple of weeks so I’m not really worried yet lol. 😊 I just wasn’t sure who to get in touch with, as active treatment has finished am I still under Oncologist or do I have to go to GP to be referred.

Thanks again

Foxy10 x

Re: Who to see with new bone pain?

Hi Foxy Smiley Happy


I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in November 2014 - no chemo or rads needed. 


Since then I've managed to scare myself several times with different & new symptoms - including bone pain.


I've always called and left a message with the Breast Cancer nurse - who usually calls back within a day or so and if she thinks it's necessary makes an appointment with the consultant x 


One thing I've learnt is not to keep it to yourself - worrying is pointless Smiley Happy


Who to see with new bone pain?

Hi All

I finished active treatment July (WLE,SNB & 15 Rads) now on Tamoxifen for 10 years. Past couple of weeks I’ve had painful ribs....a patch at the bottom of my ribs. There’s no bruising and I haven’t banged into anything. It aches but hurts when pressed (this week I’ve also started with a dry cough) Now I’m not to worried about it at the minute but if it got any worse who do I see/ring? Do I go to my GP or ring Oncologist?