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Re: Sore and hurting breast

Sooner 5 years! There are lots of effects that last z while after WLE, SNB and radiotherapy. However, you should always be on the safe side and especially with nipple changes etc, so call your breast nurse and ask to be checked. It is probably nothing but always best to be sure xxx.
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Re: Sore and hurting breast

Oh Jobey that makes me feel better. I’m 20 months since WLE & SNB and 17 months since 15 rads. Recently I’ve had a lot of pain, nipple changes and swelling. I can hopefully assume that this is all normal too! 


Does anyone know how long I’m entitled to access to a breast nurse?

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Re: Sore and hurting breast

Sue I'm over 3.5 years on from rads and my breast is always sore, perfectly normal I'm told and my Oncologist actually said at the beginning that it would never feel quite the same again after radiotheraphy and would always have a degree of pain and tenderness about it, I really wish they would all sing from the same hymn sheet! 

Ive had 3 post treatment mammograms, all clear and my boob hurts all the time so I really wouldn't worry Xx Jo 

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Sore and hurting breast

I had surgery in May and Radiation for 15 days finished end september. I am still getting pains now and again in my breast and stinging. I mentioned it to the onologist on Wednesday and she said it is not side effects from Radiotherapy as they only last a few weeks. I have noticed that other people have it for months after radiotherapy but she was adament you dont get it that long after you finish it. She checked the breast and said more than likely scar tissue. I am on Letrozole have been on them since the end of August, i am getting bad side effects from them headaches , joint pain and stomach upsets but she was reluctant to change them even though she knows i also have a colostomy and they are causing problems there.