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Re: Reconstruction

You sound like a lovely friend and that will mean a lot. Have you thought of posting this question under Going Through Treatment - Surgery section? I think it would be spotted better there. Also the phoneline advice is great - they helped me think about what my priorities were and questions to ask medics
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My friend is 3yrs in remission from breast cancer
2 yrs ago she found out she had brca2 gene
She has since had ovaries removed and a double mastectomy
The reconstruction has not gone well
She had the diep I think it’s called op but one side didn’t take
She then had a further op but that didn’t work
In December she returned to have the sides balanced if nothing else just to feel even
This once again has failed one side
Yesterday she had a further op and an implant put in
She says they still don’t match and has her words pointy corners x
I’m at a loss of what to say to her and try n keep her spirits up
And advise will be gladly received