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Re: Pain and weakness

I am suffering with terrible sore, stiff and painful shoulders since September. I have had a bone scan which has shown arthritis in both shoulders. I have stopped taking letrozole now as the side effects were too much. I am now having physio weekly with the physio connected to my breath clinic. She says itsall the results of treatment and how my body has reacted to it. All the muscles in my upper back are very tight and she is also treating me for a frozen shoulder. I have discussed of this with my oncologist and breast nurse. I would definitely contact your BCN's ladies and tell themaboutyour symptoms xxx
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Re: Pain and weakness

I know the feeling i am on Letrozole and have really bad side effects. I saw onologist on Wednesday and she did not really seem interested would not change them. I am trying to get a second opinion as they are horrible i feel ill on them. Push to get it sorted if you dont they ignore it.

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Re: Pain and weakness



Have you contacted your breast care nurse/oncologist to see what they advise?



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Pain and weakness

I'm new to the forum so hello to all.


I started six rounds of chemo on 8 January followed by four weeks of radiotherapy which ended on 21 June.  I've been taking Tamoxifen since my radiotherapy started and for some weeks now I've been suffering with pain and weakness, particularly in my arms and hands.  It's so bad today that it hurts just to lift a glass of water!  Has anybody else suffered anything similar?  I've been to see my GP but she's not been particularly helpful or reassuring.