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Lymphodaema in Breast after treatment


Re: Lymphodaema in Breast after treatment

Hi Dawn


I am similar timescale to you. I finished rads 12 months ago. I have lymphodema in my hand, lower and upper arm and my breast. The lymphodema nurse just measures my arm every six months and prescibes a sleeve. Nothing else is offered to me on the NHS. I am having manual lymphatic drainage by a specialist nurse (first six sessions paid for by a charity) and this helps and I also use kinesio tape to help with the flow on my breast. She has also asked me to order a "cellulite suction cup" and is going to show me how to use it. Fortunately I am not getting any infections. There is a lymphodema section on the "going through threatment" thread and a lady on there talks about being referred to a specialist at the Marsden hospital


I have also found very useful. I hope this helps




Lymphodaema in Breast after treatment

Hi all


I finished radiotherapy 10 months ago and had a lumpectomy with 2 lymph nodes removed. Ive since developed Lymphodeama in my boob. Its for life Ive been told, cant be drained so is swollen and full of fluid all the time. I have big boobs so it doesnt really show but its always incomfortable, I have special brushing exercises to do, the NHS have provided me with two compression bras which help the flow of the fluid too, but I keep getting infections which could lead to cellulitis. Im so fed up with it all as Ive been almost entirely on anti biotics for months now. The Dr's keep trying different ones..

Has anyone else experienced this and how do you cope? any tips please?


many thanks dawn