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Any Her2 positive grade 3 people out there?


Any Her2 positive grade 3 people out there?


It is 5.35am and I can't sleep. Are there any Her2 grade 3, 2 positive nodes ladies that have gone through chemo, herceptin and tamoxifen?

All I see in my mind is that my cancer is agressive. I'm having a port fitted on Friday 12th February at mount vernon. I have had one chemo and have got phlebitis in one arm and lymphodema in the other am wearing a compression glove.

I can cope with the treatments (I think) and the painful phlebitis and the lymphodema but I can't cope with knowing that I am Her2 positive which is aggresive.

I am 50, 51 in May when my chemo finishes. We are moving to a new house in April but I am not excited.

Look forward to hearing from anyone and apologies for being so down.