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Re: Anastrazole and migraine triptans

Hi, I also take anastrazole and use Rizatriptan when needed. I seem to get migraines more often but the triptan still works well and no new side efffects. I've been given different brands of anasty and think that can make a difference, one of them seemed to give me more headaches. Sorry its the other way round to your problem, maybe worth asking your GP or pharmacist about it? Good luck x

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Re: Anastrazole and migraine triptans

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Probably not much help to you but I've had no trouble with rizatriptan and Anastrazole.  Just a thought but it's not a different make is? Sometimes it's the fillers rather than the drug that causes problems.

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Anastrazole and migraine triptans

I have had some nasty side effects from my migraine zolmitriptan, wondering if it's because it's now combined with Anastrozole? Anyone else had these issues?