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creams to use during and after radiotherapy


Re: creams to use during and after radiotherapy

Hello globalnomad


I am sorry to hear that you feel so isolated, it must be very difficult for you.  Most areas have local Macmillan support groups, have you considered joining? I have found this forum helpful, but I am lucky to have moral and practical support at home as well. I imagine that meeting with other ladies with a similar diagnosis would be helpful in many ways. If you can't find details of you local support group maybe you could telephone the breast cancer care helpline and they could give you details of a local group.


I think pampering yourself is a great idea. I am yet to have radiotherapy so like you am not sure what is okay to use. I have read on here of some ladies using aloe Vera gel to sooth the skin, but I am not sure.


creams to use during and after radiotherapy

Hello...going for radiotherapy  two weeks time.  Want to know what  creams u can use. Aqueous cream not always good reviews and many creams stink like a vet surgery.  Would be nice to have  effective  cream and shower stuff that  had nice scent and felt   pampering.  Cancer treatments are all grim. We are surrounded by impersonal machinery in harshly lit rooms, often  attended by staff who have little or no people skills to put you at ease. We don't all go home  to homes where someone is there to hug or make a cuppa. I have nobody like that myself. Therefore any pampering ,  superficial as it may seem,  is a good thing for me! Anyone got any nice ideas?    And anyone else out there totally alone?      The slogan that noone should face cancer alone is a nice sentiment.  Unfortunately for me it is true.