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Skin care during/after radiotherapy


Skin care during/after radiotherapy

Hi there, 

I just wanted to share some advice for anyone starting radiotherapy soon. 

I finished 15 sessions 2 weeks ago and was supported wonderfully by the RT team at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. 

My skin is very fair but held up really well during the treatments. I used Aveeno cream religiously and drank lots of water and herbal teas. Just after the last treatment I did get some small sore blisters on my sternum. I used the Actiformcool dressings, which helped enormously. The pain just melted away when the dressings were in place. The skin on my underarm peeled badly and I wish that I had taken more care to moisturise that area. Again the actiform dressings came to the rescue held in place with an amazing large foam plaster with low tack adhesive. My armpit was very red and sore, but it was completely healed in 4 days. I was so worried that it would take weeks, but it calmed down and healed so quickly. 

I hope that this information will reassure anyone who has similar issues. 

Take lots of care out there xxxx