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Re: Radiotherapy / anastrozole help

Hi norn. I to take anastrozole but started after my radiotherapy as didn’t want to get the se’s mixed up and confused. I needed to know that the se,s I was having at the time we’re from rads and not tabs. My oncologist was fine with this and started my tabs 2 weeks after I had completed rads. I am now 13 weeks post last zap and 11 weeks on tabs. Hot flush doable but they are quite full on but thankfully only have 4 max in a 24 hour slot. Sleep deprivation yes takes forever to get to sleep although I am really tired. Just lie there gazing at the stars. Eventually drift off and at 1:00 am on the dot hot flush. Wide awake, wet through, so then get up change pillow to spare one at side of bed, change sheet get back in bed freezing cold. Go to the loo by which time you are wide awake and ready to get then start the process of going to sleep again. Then it’s times to get up. Thankfully no joint pains at all but do keep excersising and go out on my bike. Unfortunately for us all it’s the new norm. I just do my best to get on with it and 13 weeks post active treatment I am just turning a corner to some kind of my new normal. How your rads go well and you will then be out the other side and done.
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Re: Radiotherapy / anastrozole help

My oncologist recommended sage tablets to help with hot flushes, and also suggested I buy a "chillow" at night. This is basically a gel pillow that cools your skin. I have been better since using these, and have been able to sleep better. I also have a flat cotton sheet under my duvet so that if I throw the duvet off I am not cold a few minutes later. Hope this might help?

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Radiotherapy / anastrozole help

I had lumpectomy in july . Sll seems to be ok still a bit hard but getting there . Started taking anastrozole the side effects have hit me . Joint pain is not to bad more in my hips. Hot flushes are another story I am struggling with them as well as sleeping. I sm really struggling with sleep. Fatigue
And need a nanny nap in the afternoon. Which I have managed to cut back on to see if this did help with sleeping at night. But this has not helped.
I am due to start radiotherapy on Thursday. And very nervous about this I have been to.see the team been shown everything but still.very nervous . I think I just need to do it and then I may feel better about it . X