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November 2018 Radiotherapy

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Re: November 2018 Radiotherapy



To be honest again it is fear of the unknown as with every stage of our treatment, but honestly once you get the first one over with, that tends to be the longest as they check all the measurements etc., that your oncologist has given them, it only takes about 15 mins from undressing to dressing.


I worked, albeit only 12 hours a week, throughout my rads and drove myself to all my appointments, but then it was only 6 miles each way so not that far. 


Make sure you take in plenty of fluids every day as that will help with any potential dehydration effects from the rads and just listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to rest.


Helena xxx


November 2018 Radiotherapy

Hi all, hope you are all doing ok with your healing .
I had my planning appt yesterday with Radiotherapy dept and they discussed treatment . They had to make sure I was not pregnant so had to give a urine sample for testing .. this is required before they can carry out CT scan . The radiologists did my tattoos / markings . The appr lasted about an hour .

The radiologist thinks I should be ok to drive myself for the first 7-10 days after that I will need to be chaperoned as fatigue will kick in once into treatment

I was given list of Rads appts starting on 12 November through to 7 December so will need 3 weeks Rads on the breast and then 5 day booster on part breast where tumor was removed .

I’m very nervous as im dreading having to commute to Oxford Hospital 5 days a week ..

At least it will all be done well before Xmas

Good luck to everyone having Rads in November . Keep us updated