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First Few Weeks After Ringing That Bell


Re: First Few Weeks After Ringing That Bell

Gill3105. Brilliant idea to put down how we are all doing and hopefully give some reassurance to those who follow.
Almost a week since I finished rads. Skin not so bad two little blisters that bleed every time I shower but the rest are still intact and not so painful. I kept a close eye on my back as suggested by you, and, yes sure enough that's going very pink just under my shoulder blade so making sure I cream that as well.
I have been drinking loads of water but I can't believe how tired I am. It hits me about 1.30 2.00pm. I feel like I'm about to fall over I'm so tired. By about 6.00 pm I'm feeling much better.
Snap on the stabbing pains can be quite painful on occasions but it does pass quite quickly. I suffer with migraine occasionally but i have had a few bad ones in the past week not sure if this is due to the tiredness or the Letrozole.
Totally agree on the emotions front silly things start me off and before I know it I'm back to a sobbing wreck then I feel guilty because I'm here I'm getting treatment I'm still alive. My daughter said I will soon be feeling myself again but I told her I don't think I will ever be myself as I was before this. Do others feel this way? I feel like I'm being dramatic but can't help it.
On a positive note I am making sure that I go out walking and have discovered some lovely walks along the banks of the River Mersey some days its just a short walk but I'm finding I am really enjoying being outside and it's definitely having a calming effect on me mentally so no matter how tired I'm feeling I am making the effort to get out.
Hope some of this might give reassurance to others that some of their symptoms and emotions are normal. Like Gill would love to hear how others are doing. Lots of love Chris x

First Few Weeks After Ringing That Bell

Hi ladies. Thought I would start a thread for us who have recently finished active treatment and rang that radiotherapy bell. We are all told that the treatment will continue to work for 10-14 days after final treatment. I am sure like myself we have all had different things happening to us so thought maybe we could share and help each other and hopefully help those nearing the finish line.
Ok I will start with a few of my changes. Stabbing pain like hot iron only for seconds but buy it makes you jump, grab hold of boob syndrome kicks in. Itching, maybe a good sign of everything healing as it should. Emotions, well these are like the anxiety gremlins we all had back in the early days that just appeared from nowhere and into melt down we would go. Can be fine for days then just cry for no reason at all. Is this normal? I am sure it is we have been through a lot in a short space of time and it is still very early days. I am now 7 weeks post rads and physically I am great mentally almost great but not quite there just yet. Would be lovely to hear how others are getting on. I know there is a moving forward thread but it’s not so busy as this thread. Look forward to hearing from us amazing ladies. X