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Menopause and bc


Re: Menopause and bc

Hi Alvilajo


Thanks for posting


It’s probably a coincidence that you were diagnosed with breast cancer as well as noticing a change in your periods.


The menopause is a natural event for all women and usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 years, with 51 being the average age. However, if you have had treatment for breast cancer, this may result in an early menopause or menopausal symptoms.


You may also hear the term ‘peri-menopause’ or ‘peri-menopausal’. This refers to time leading up to menopause when a woman’s hormones may rise and fall, causing irregular periods. This may happen over months or years. As you’ve noticed some changes to your cycle, it’s possible that you may be at the start of the menopause.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. One out of every eight women and one out of every 870 men will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Most breast cancers (80%) occur in women over the age of 50.


Research suggests that breast cancer is caused by lots of different factors, many of which we can’t control.


A small number of people diagnosed with breast cancer (5%) have inherited a fault in one of the known breast cancer genes.


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Menopause and bc

Hi maybe this is a coincidence. I was diagnosed a month ago and my last two periods have been light ( normally heavy) could I be starting menopause as well. Is there a link to menopause and breast cancer as seems to happen around that time 50's or am I just over thinking everything. Vic x