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Wife is about to have mastectomy

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Re: Wife is about to have mastectomy

Hi Richie,

First of all, welcome to the forum & sorry to hear what you're both going through. This board does tend to be quieter, but if you want to, do look at the other boards, such as 'going through treatment, ' where you will be able to get advice from others at a similar stage in treatment. We're all happy to offer support to family members who post, wherever in the forum.

You might want to see this post by Chris1975 who posted recently in the 'coffee lounge' about his & his wife's experience, you certainly sound like you are being a fantastic support to her.

wishing you both the very best

ann x


Wife is about to have mastectomy

I am sure there are husband's out there who have gone through the same as I have the last few months.  My wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in March this year, she has just finished chemo and will have surgery to remove both breasts in September.  It has been so hard watching her suffer, but equally incredibly humbling to watch her fight it too.  There are not a lot of sites out there for the men and know what to expect next, so any advice would b welcomed.