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Hannah 203 - a HUMBLE APOLOGY to you - and also to EVERYONE ELSE from Delly. Please Forgive xx


Re: Hannah 203 - a HUMBLE APOLOGY to you - and also to EVERYONE ELSE from Delly. Please Forgive xx


The "gesturing" was meant to be JESTING



Hannah 203 - a HUMBLE APOLOGY to you - and also to EVERYONE ELSE from Delly. Please Forgive xx



Not a good initial starting post and introduction to myself in my response to Hannah's post. Got off on a very bad foot by being a bit UMPTY (ars*y). Sooo sorry folks and sorry for using that word bu,t at least I can and do recognise it's how I can be at times. Can you forgive me and give me a second chance ??


Got a bit carried away (as is sometimes habit) latching on to a comment, and defending its point, when at the end of the day - what the flip!!  Which, incidentally, was also part of the point I was trying to make.But I'm often sparked by something and it's creates a load of verbal "flatulence" in me and before I know it - lots of BURPY remarks come out.  


What was I defending ?? The fact that gay women can sometimes also be guilty of making remarks and being a little bit prejuced/presumptuous towards, or of straight women and their "presumed" attitudes too. Just felt it unfair - that's all. But, also made a point of the medical staffs difficulties in multi sexual relationships these days. That's it - I've finished now.


So will somebody deign (spelling?) to speak to me now??  Pretty please! Cos in actual fact, I have the utmost respect and gratitude to whoever of you it was that pushed for the necessary need to have a gay/lesbian section. I.e. Norbette and you, Moorcow.  I often think, huff and puff about things but don't always actually  act on or do anything about them. (I'd probably make a GOOD politician in that respect - am teeeasing BUT also serious!! HaHaHaHa HAA.). Yet on a more serious note - I DIDn't used to be this way. I used to be a VERY driven, motivatedand positive woman. Please refer to my own recent new posting. My brother's recent death had a huge impact on me because it was such a terrible shock. But one that I can and do still relate to i.e.  his form of death, despite my gesturing, which, in reality covers up, but at the same time relieves my own angst and sadness.

I've laughed at some of the funny comments on here tonight, after having DUG deeper and taken the time to read through/take more notice of things said in previous posts.

It's difficult to catch up with everything when you initially join a site like this. But, for instance you Gus. I now know more about what you have been through - loosing your partner. Jeeeeez.  But you're still making "husband" jokes. Then your attempt to, wait for this, .....BUST UP  (gettit ?- or get TIT?) David Camerons campaign, by chucking your false BOOB at him??  It's exactly the same thing.  Gave me such a giggle to read that  tonight       Whoever it was that said - "It always helps to have a sense of humour" was soooo bloomin right. Sadly, mine (mischievous humour, inherited from my dear Dad)  isn't as predominant as it used to be AND I could do to CULTIVATE and LOVINGLY exercise it - to get MORE of it back again !!  I've not only lost both my boobs in the last 7 years, I've lost sooo much other more relatively important things - i.e.all of my beloved family. Plus business and house (business was integrated into house)  income - all due to my health. Constantly tryied to recover and keep UP, revive from each battering, but getting smashed down again by another serious trauma/loss/setback - YEH, has made me somewhat angry, less tolerant perhaps. And to return to the beginning -  UMPTY (ar*sey !!).    


 At the crux of the matter - you are all on here for a reason , so am I.  Sooo I've got to keep my method of communication tamed, haven't I - Yes??  However,   i f you ever want a sometimes brutally honest opinion,  I might be your girl. But only with your permission - hey?


There are loads of you that I can't scroll back to in order to say Hi, hope you're recovering and still keeping well. My memory wont permit either. But I'm your friend and I'm on your side. So can we keep up communication please, tho', I have to be honest,  I'm rather .a bit haphazard at communication due to my currently constantly varying mental state. If I'm gonna outlive my brother, I need to find

ways and concentrate on rebuilding the scaffolding.


Good to have a laarrgh + share the downs with fellows - keep it up.

Lotsa love

DoolallyDelly xx