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recently diagnosed

Community Champion

Re: recently diagnosed

Hi Troopie,
Sorry to hear your wife has been diagnosed, it’s always a shock & it does take time for us to get our head around it.
The limbo feeling you describe is common to most of us, almost if it was happening to someone else.
It will feel better when the treatment plan is confirmed, as then we know what’s involved & feel more in control again.
I’m sure you're doing all you need to, by being there for her & your kids, but do seek support if you need to as well. There is always the helpline here if you need to talk anything through.
Also, do look at the other areas of the forum, such as ‘going through treatment,’ we are happy to help friends & family members as well.
ann x

recently diagnosed

my wife has been diagnised with cancer in both breasts  g1 and g2  having wire fitted and just got letter op is next friday

 we have three kids , i dont know how to react or help  as if im still in limbo