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Re: Going out of my mind

Hi Sheppy
How are you getting on ?
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Re: Going out of my mind

Hi Sheppy ,welcome to the forum.Just because GP had fast tracked you doesn't mean this is cancer - it just means they are not sure what they are looking at - the vast majority of referrals to the Breast clinic turn out to have a non sinister explanation .Your dog is probably aware that you are upset and anxious - mine goes and hides in thx bathroom when I'm upset !! I've had cancer twice and dog had never changed his behaviour at all but he but had does pick up on mood and anxiety .Fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞.Jill.
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Going out of my mind

I’m honestly lost, bewildered in that everyone around me is stating that the lump on my nipple and around 6 pea sized lumps scattered between that nipple and the armpit could be something else.
The GP fast tracked me yesterday for investigation.
My dog has changed how she acts around me by sniffing my breath when I lean down to stroke her and she has started in last week (never done before and she’s 8) whilst having a bath laying next to bath and whimpering then comes out and stops when I’m done!
I had a bowel cancer scare about 2 years ago and despite symptoms I was confident it was clear, and it was, this time not so much and it is petrifying me but during the day it’s a brace face and smiles for my wife and children, by night I’m a mess.
I’m 39, used to be super fit before I broke my spine 3 years ago and my health and mobility has never been the same