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BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis


Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi girls 😘

Oh, so sorry about your hair Susan 🙁 As much as you prepare yourself it’s still upsetting. Even more so when you’ve done it before.

Ah, how lovely your daughter making pancakes 🥞😋 yummy!! Don’t be too impressed, it was my good week last week &!I feel so guilty that I’m putting my family through this again. I know it’s not a choice. I can’t help but worry about if was to come back & if I wasn’t here for her. I’d hate her memories to be of me being ill all the time (with dodgy chemo hair & not many eyelashes 🙈😩). My son is 23 so we’ve done all the fun stuff. He doesn’t really do emotions either! I just feel that while I feel well I need to do some special things with her. Side effects really lingering for me this week & I feel awful. She had tears at school yesterday as I wasn’t well enough to take her to school. She really panics if I’m not 100%. They took bloods when I had my picc flush earlier.

I didn’t realise there was just so much involved in reconstruction 😐

As Delly says, no harm ringing LGFB. Mine was meant to be a few weeks ago but they cancelled it last minute. They said they’d call when they have a date for the next one. I was also meant to do the moving forward course last year after the first time, that was cancelled too due to lack of interest!!

Good luck for Friday, annoying you couldn’t get your picc in time for your pre chemo bloods.

Hope you are ok Delly?

Lots of love xxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hey girls, sorry not been on to update you, had a rough couple of days. My hair started falling out on Friday, so my bf shaved it off last night. My wig is lovely and I know I’ve done it all before but found it a wee bit harder this time. Anyway it’s done now and came in to work and everyone loves my new do.

Thurs was ok. The surgeon has ruled out implants as they don’t do them big enough 😊. I didn’t want implants anyway. He’s explained how they would use fat and muscle from my stomach and how it would be best to get them both done at same time as if they just do 1, they would have to discard the extra stuff removed from my stomach, and then they would have to take it from somewhere else which I don’t want. Then he threw a spanner in the works and said I could just have a lumpectomy this year and have a mastectomy in the future. But my cancer grew within the 3 months I was visiting the oncologist as part of a trial, and I’m not doing that now, so I would be scared another cancer grew again. So I’m almost certain I’m going for the double in July. I have an appt with plastic surgeon on 5 March so need to decide then so she can put me on waiting list and she will go over the “free flaps” recon that I will be getting. The good thing is they are letting me delay the op as I should be getting it in June, but my son has exams and my daughter will have so much going on with last few weeks of primary school. Also looks like I’ll get to Fuerteventura, but op could potentially be day after I get home.

Anyhoo I’m feeling much better physically, until Fri at least when I have round 2. Haven’t had any word of getting PICC line in so like they’ll have a battle for veins again.

Unicorngirl you are so organised pre chemo, I’m not as good as that. The kids have been off but we didn’t get up to much as I’m skint. Had to fork out loadsa cash to school for Jens school camp and school photos and leavers hoodies. It’s never ending. Taught her how to make pancakes so we’ve had loads last week. She was making them for breakfast.

Dellwelly, those sunrises/sunsets sound amazing. I get a good sunset over the Forth towards Fife, but once it goes low I can’t see it for houses.

Hope you are both doing ok, hope chemo no 4 isn’t too hard on you 🦄 girl.

Speak soon, big hugs. Susan xx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hey Unicorngirl - Well done on No.4. I'm stunned on what you're going through, but still "Going out to play" with your daughter. My Dad used to be the one to play, so I'm even more impressed you're a play Mummy.
Snoozy - How did your appointment go? Are you okay??
Lots of love, Dellywelly xxxxxxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Chemo number 4 done ✅ It should have been yesterday but after waiting 2 hours they sent me home because the cold cap machine was in use. Can’t be helped I know but after my usual pre chemo mad house clean/beds stripped/washing all done & ironed, not to mention the psyching myself up it was quite annoying! Never mind, it’s done now.

We’ve been to an outdoor play area Delly on Monday, skateworld on Tuesday, just a dog walk Wednesday then she went to a friends & then when I came home yesterday we made rocky roads & scones!

The sunset sounds gorgeous! And that’s a lovely saying 😊

Hope your appointment with the surgeon went how you wanted it to go snoozysuz.

Have a good weekend lovelies 😘 xxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi, me Darlins
Yeh thanks Unicorngirly. I love that woman to bits and back to a whole again. That's one of my favourite sayings. Pretty much sums up the strength of feelings.How are you today?? What ya been up to with your daughter then, albeit germ infested. You didn't say. I'm asking becauseJust watched the most amazing sunrise this mor and it's mow beatufully sunn n. If I stand and look left out of my bedroom window, I'm looking at beautiful Derbyshire hills and Macclesfield Forest mile away. The sun/dawn rises directly behind. Oooo, I'm such a romantic!! It's true.
Appointment today Snoozy. Waitin to hear, flower.
Lotsa love xxxxxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis


Ah Delly, that must’ve been lovely catching up with your bestie. Good to hear you’ve had a good few days. Sorry you can’t sleep though. You’ve lots going on 😕

Susan, well done getting through cycle 1! I can sympathise with the toilet issues 😩 How lovely of your daughter making dinner 😊 Hope you managed to get back to work.

I’m ok, chemo number 4 tomorrow. Have done some nice things with my daughter the last 3 days, all germ infested places though 😬

How is walkerlass getting on?

Big hugs to you all 😘 xxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi Girls

Oh Unicorngirl - How are you getting on? I didn't thank you for your hug and concern. I'm so sorry and thank you for it flower. Am a bit better last few days. Been getting out and about a bit more (escaped). Had a meal out and lovely evening with my Bezzie last night. Hadn't seen for a year due to me being mentally out of commission, so had a lot to gas about.

Your poor bums !! Is that TMI?

Snoozy - Glad you got things a bit more sorted appointment wise, plus that you aren't feeling so pressured. I'm sure your surgeon will fill you in on some of it, before your plastic surgeon appointment. What did your daughter cook last night. Awwww, what a flower. Why don't you contact whoever organises the Look Good Feel Better course and ask them if it would be okay, rather than feel you might be pushing someone nose out?

Am off for a very early night - no sleep last night and my eyes are going already.

Keep kicking you girls. Gently, until you get your strength back.

Lots of love, Delly xxxxxxx


Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi girls, I’m sitting writing this on the loo, chemo constipation is a biatch! Had a bad week, but managed to avoid any major mouth problems so far, difflam is amazing, and constant teeth brush after meals has helped. The benefit of 2nd time, you know what to look out for. And I’ve lost 9lbs in a week. 9 fecking lbs. don’t worry it’s not as if I don’t need to lose it, I’ve just found I’m not hungry, and taste buds have started to go. Our valentines meal was lovely, I was craving fish for some reason. And sticky toffee pudding. My mans away in Benidorm now. Rather him than me. My daughter cooked her 1st proper meal tonight and it was lovely, going to teach her how to make beef stew tomorrow while she’s keen.

I have my appt with surgeon on Thurs, but I also have one with the plastic surgeon in March so I don’t think I need to make any final decisions just yet. My chemo doesn’t finish till end of May so I’m thinking and hoping July for surgery, after our hol to Fuerteventura which I really hope we don’t have to cancel. My oncologist said the from my previous history with tax that the it should kill the cancer completely, so I’m hoping I can have a bigger gap between chemo and surgery this time. My son has his exams in May/June so really want to be here to support him, and be fit. Will see what they say.

I’m hoping this is me on the up again before 2nd chemo, going to go back to work on Wed, someone is ill at work and not staying off so I ain’t going near for now.

Delly thanks for the advice, have arranged to see my BCN after seeing my surgeon to go over everything. I’m definitely getting them both done, he said I could get 1 done now and the other at a future date but I just want it out the way.

How you doing Unicorngirl? How many chemos is that now. How’s the mouth? It’s horrible that it’s the way in and the way out that suffers most. I have to say apart from the inconvenience of the jags I think in hindsight they are better than the 1 jag, as the bone pain isn’t nearly as bad so far. Last one was today. I had one temp spike on sat night, I had terrible belly cramps and temp was 39.4, but was middle of the night so rode it out and temp went back down in morning. I know if I’d phoned they would have whipped me in to hosp which always makes me worse.

I have a question, is it cheeky to do the Look Good Feel Better thing again? I loved my last session but it was only last year. As this is a separate cancer I thought I would do it again. What do you think? Am I being greedy? And if you haven’t done one you should, lots of lovely free make up.

Big hugs to you girls, keep strong. Susan 💞

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Sorry girls, been having techy probs with b/band so haven't been able to log on last few days. Felt like my arm had been cut off. But thats all trivia compaired to what you two are going through.


I'm okay thanks unicorngirl, just a bit of a blip. I often have nights, sometimes two, where I don't sleep, just don't get or feel tired. All part of the Bi-P symptoms. No, your not being nosey - you're being caringly enquiring, thank you lovey. Just need to feel I'm in a more stable position to go have another appointment with surgeon, then be able to maintain it long enough through to a surgery date, how ever many weeks following. It's the maintaining it that's often the prob. Your mouth probs sound awful, and the rest of. Think I'd rather have the 2 x bottles and massive bag of crisps anyday. You poor girls.

Snoozysue - I think you're doing amazingly well. Yey! on the wig. It really sucks for you lot, this chemo lark - extra tough stuff. You're gonna have to pull your finger out and have some serious discussions about your surgery options, if you're feeling so uninformed, darlin, preferably with surgeon, or at least go have a sesh with your BCN. Get all the gen, and take someone with you to take it all in as well. I've mentioned nipple options to you, but you need that direct surgical info on what options YOU have. The more info you have, the more informed a decision you'll make. You seem to keep fobbing it off and there's no point really discussing it with your BF, if you're not fully informed of what your options are, is there?. Or perhaps you can have THAT discussion with your surgeon on the 15th? Have you been given a date for your actual surgery yet?? Please don't tell me it's the 15th, is it? If you don't feel informed on mastectomies and nipple recon, and haven't been given it - please go get/tell these people you need more info, sweetheart. You're not asking for anything out of the ordinary, or demanding. But am guessing your head divided in so many different directions with having young kids to look after, along with coping with all of this sh*t as well!!

No darling, No exp of chemo or Picc lines at all, but there are loads of girls on the chemo threads who have, because of the same vein probs. I don't have any probs with needles Susan. Have you previously looked into any of the chemo threads from your time with it before??

I wanted immediate recon and only ever wanted implants, which my initial surgeon was more than happy to do with my first boob. But I had a change of surgeon, recommended by my BCN, who was more up to date with self tissue recons and a very skilled surgeon. There was a bit of a mix up with what procedure I wanted i.e. not self tissue, just implants. I had smoked which the original surgeon didn't have an issue with and implant surgery, but the second did, thinking I was wanting self tissue and the circulation implications when connecting up tiny blood vessels. Basically, if I'd stayed with the original surgeon, I'd have had the immed implant recon. I've never had a healing issues, nasty gashes to legsetc. my masts scars healed up in a couple of weeks without any probs, a major knee op healed quickly and well. I just put it down to a miscommunication of what I was actually wanting - basic implants. So make sure you bash ALL the info out, and get it straight. 

Hey, you're not at all rambling. Please don't ever think you are. You're both having such a tough time of it, I'll say. Am impressed with your eldest daughter. 

How was your romantic early Valentine meal??


Hope you're both having a better day today?

Lots of love to you xxxxxxx


Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi Susan, well done getting the first one done 😘 What an awful long day 😕 I was crying as I walked along to my unit for the first one. It’s overwhelming to have to do it all again.

I’ve got a picc as my veins are rubbish. If you don’t like needles it’s great as bloods will be easy. It’s the local anaesthetic which is the worst part. You’ll be all covered up so you won’t see the needle. It’s a pain having to go back every week for a flush & dressing change though. They’ll give a prescription for a limbo which is a rubber sleeve to wear whilst showering. If you’re having six cycles it’s worth considering & it saves a little bit of time as the access is there already.

I read that the docetaxol caused diarrhoea so I didn’t take any laxatives the first time. It was quite the opposite 😩 Ive needed 3 sachets of movicol a day all week to get going! Just for the week after chemo though. My mouth isn’t right, I’ve got difflam mouthwash, nystatin & a gel type wash. It then gets the dry bit where you wake up like you’ve had 2 bottles of wine & a family bag of crisps!! I also have 10 days of injections. I find if I forget & do it later the side effects are worse. About 8-8.30 is the best time for me. The sister in the ward advised that too. Also to take it out 30 minutes before so that it stings less.

Why don’t you join the January or February thread, some of the ladies have mentioned just one injection, if you found out the name you could ask your oncologist? Going to the surgery every day you can do without that!

I couldn’t have my reconstruction straight away because I only finished radiotherapy in April & you need to wait 18 months. Also became recurrence happened so quickly they wouldn’t do it until oncology are happy. Well done making your desicion.

Hope you have a lovely early valentine meal today.

Ps, the comment about not wanting to fall asleep made me laugh! 😂 Lots if love & I hope you’re feeling ok xxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi girls, well yesterday was a pretty epic day. Got to hospital just after 8am, left Just after 6pm! I totally misunderstood my oncologist as Herceptin started yesterday too, and carries on until Jan, but after chemo finishes in May I get it via injection instead of thru drip, but they’ve given me Sat appts. Will have to try change that as the trek into hospital is bad enough during the week, would really like the weekends off.

Anyhoo my veins are rubbish, and I have a real fear of needles so it didn’t start off fun. The first attempt to get cannula in failed, so I ended up with it in the inside of my wrist which wasn’t comfy. They’re suggesting I get a PICC line put in to save me future pain (I cried for 1st time during chemo, never did it last time round, think it all hit me very publicly and very snottily). Have you girls any experience? I hate the sound of it but I know it makes sense.

So I had my Herceptin, then flush, then steroids, flush, Piriton due to having a bad reaction to doxetaxal last year, flush, then they finally started the chemo around 2pm for them to take it off again and give me a hydracortisone drip, flush, again with doxetaxal very slowly, sped up after an hour, then another hour of that, flush, carbo and final flush. My bum was numb, my arm was numb and I was scared to snooze cos I snore. But anyhoo I was done and happy to leave when they hit me with the next bit of bad news. Instead of getting 1 shot of filgrasim (not sure how you spell it, I just call it the bone jag cos it hurts my bones), I’ve to get 10 days of it after each treatment. Think they changed it as I ended up with so many infections last time. They were expecting me to do these myself but after seeing my reaction to the needle earlier they arranged for district nurses today and tomo and I’ve got appt for my docs on Mon. I saw the needle today, I tried to watch her do it but just can’t. Am I being a wimp, have you girls had to do it, It’s just so inconvenient but I just know I won’t be able to do it.

Anyway I’m feeling fine today, apart from the steroid munchies, heartburn has started already and niggling joint aches. Dreading the mouth problems starting the most, my bf is taking me out for early Valentines meal tomo so I can enjoy it. Also not looking forward to whatever delights my stomach wants to do, I was badly constipated with the FEC last time, but had the opposite with the Tax, so who knows.

It’s made me realise that a mastectomy is the best option, sitting there in that ward again made me realise that I feel I haven’t been away since Jan last year, I need to get rid of it once and for all and cut my chances of this coming back. I don’t think I even care about nipples anymore, as long as they give me cleavage.

Sorry for rambling but I can’t sleep and have only had kids for company today. Unicorngirlmummy I actually find it easier being at my worst when kids are off, as at least I don’t have to get up and get them organised for school, but my kids are a wee bit older, nearly 12 and 16, so I can be lying about and they just get on with it. My youngest has been a star today making me cups of tea and getting my drugs and water ready. She even made her own tea.

Have the given you anything for your mouth 🦄girlmummy? Is it ulcers, or gum pain, or both? I had terrible problems last time which was the root of my infections so I asked for a mouthwash right from the get go this time, none of this bicarb nonsense? It makes my tongue numb but really helped last time, hope it helps prevent it completely this time.

How are you doing Delly, one thing I wanted to ask you both and hope you don’t mind, but why did you not get your recons right away, is that because of the type of op you got, or a NHS trust issue? Just being curious, hope it’s not too nosey.

Well I’m going to try and sleep now. My bf is a taxi driver and will be in about 5am and he likes a blether when he comes in, better try and get a head start.

Love and hugs to you both. Susan xx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Delly, why just ok? You always post during the night, do you work nights or can’t sleep? Your diagnosis was a while ago then? Have you done any more about your expanders? Hope that’s not too nosey, you seem to be giving hugs to everyone else & it sounds like you need one 😘

Suzysnooz, sorry you’re feeling sorry for yourself but you’re absolutely entitled to!! It really is the small things, my 4th & 6th cycles fall in half term & the day before good Friday which means I’ll be ill when my 10 year old is off of school & it really bothers me. I hate the way it takes over your life & manages to chip at the small things.

Best of luck tomorrow. Hope you get to a decision about surgery etc. Big hugs to you all 😘 xxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi girls, sorry I have not been back to update, been feeling a bit sorry for myself, and trying to get the kids and house organised before I start treatment.  Hope everyone is well.  I start chemo tomorrow, I'm getting 6 cycles of docetaxal and carboplatin.  I had 3 cycles of docetaxel last time and it hit me hard, so not looking forward to 6 of them.  I had bad bone pain last time and lost sensation in my fingers, so might not make work as much as I would like to.  Then after surgery I get a year of Herceptin, yay 3 weekly treks to the hospital for a whole year after!


And who wants chemo on a Friday?  That's wine day!  I was ok about it until I realised my last chemo is the day my daughter comes home from school camp in May, and I won't be able to meet her off the bus.  That set me off with my 1st proper cry after my diagnosis.  It's the small things that do it.


So anyhoo, have appt with surgeon on 15th so have until then to decide about mastectomy.  I've discussed it with my bf who says he's ok with it, but it's me who is stalling.  We have only been together 5 years so nipples still play a big part in our relationship, which is the reason I didn't want to discuss it with my mum, shes gets all flustered Smiley LOL.  I just wish I'd been given more info on mastectomies, but I guess I will have time to do some research while I'm off next week, have taken a few days off to see how treatment goes.


How's everyone else doing? I've decided not to cold cap so chose a new wig this week, gone for a nice blonde highlight job, completely different for me, and much cheaper than the real thing would be in the hairdressers Smiley Very Happy


Big hugs to you all


Susan xx


Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

I'm okay, thanks Unicorngirl. Hey, I'm an Andrex only girly, hee hee xxxxxx


Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

I’m having 6 Delly. Sorry, I forgot you didn’t have chemo. Toilet issues are just too much information for someone you’ve not met 😂😂 How are you doing Delly? Xx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

How are you doing Snoozysuz??
How many cycles do you need Unicorngirl? Glad your feeling pretty ok. Is the constipation part of the chemo? xxxxxx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Hi Delly, how are you? I just came on here to see how everyone is doing? Suzysnoz, Walker lass?
I had cycle 3 last Thursday. My mouth has been very sore & blimming constipation is as usual an issue! 🙈😩 Other than that, feeling okish!! Made myself go for walks & do a few chores which I think has helped. Certainly takes my mind off of feeling ill for a short while.

Hope everyone is doing ok 😘 xx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Unicornmummy - Sooo, where are you up to with everything??



Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

Ps, I couldn’t think of a username Delly! My 10 year old daughter is unicorn mad so that’s where it came from! Xx

Re: BC in other breast within a year of 1st diagnosis

You’ve been through a lot Delly 😕 It certainly does take a knock at your self confidence. I can’t wear a lot of my clothes until I get my reconstruction. I hope you are pleased with the final result & get you back to dating! I didn’t realise there was so much to it 😬 I’ve been saying to my husband for years I’d like new perky boobs, obviously prior to all of this. They say be careful what you wish for don’t they!!

Hope your oncology appointment goes well today Susan.

Big hugs to you all xx