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Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed


Re: Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed

Hi Mary


Thank you very much for your reply.  Its good to hear that you are 8 years on from your diagnosis.  Well done you!

I had my CT scan today so hopefully I will have a plan soon.

If you don't mind me asking what was your treatment plan?

Best Wishes

Gill x


Re: Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed


I'm a "liver mets" person. It's nearly 8 years on now and they can't find them right now. (Doesn't mean they're not there, but shrunk until they can no longer see them) and, hey, that's good enough for me! I still have a few lung nodules, but all appeared stable at last look in November last year.

Big huge hugs to you. It's not an easy path. I would encourage you to trust your medical team, but demand all the possible help you can. You really truly can not know what's round the corner, and it might even be good stuff!?

The "median" for my lung and liver mets was pretty poor, but 8 years on I'm still here and pretty fit. I did not expect to be here now. So take heart and take good care of yourself. You are worth it.

xxxxxxx Smiley Wink


Re: Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed

Hi Nicky


Thank you for your reply.

Its hard coming to terms with this retched thing again!  But the good news is that I have a CT scan booked for tomorrow morning, and have been advised that my name is on the list for Multi Disipline Team meeting to discuss the results and devise a treatment plan on Thursday.  So hopefully I will know quite quickly what my fate is.

Thanks again

Gill x

Community Champion

Re: Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed


We all know exactly how you feel when you get a secondary diagnosis, the shock and fear is awful. We do all learn to come to terms with this diagnosis and this often happens once you have a treatment plan in place. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be an active liver mets thread, there used to be, but we do hang out on the Bone mets please join in thread, even if we don’t have bone mets. 

I have been living with bone mets since 2008 and liver mets were added into the mix in 2013 so I do have experience of liver mets. Depending on your receptor status for your primary you will follow a treatment path for that unless the oncologist thinks that your secondary is not the same as your primary. As you’ve mentioned HER2+ you will have a treatment plan based around that, unless anything is different. Once you know what that plan is you can look down the list of thread topics to see if there is an active thread where you may be able to find out more about that particular treatment. Otherwise asking other questions etc works. Hopefully you get some other responses as well and you also find out what your treatment will be quite soon, although it sometimes seems to take a while for the oncologists to get everything organised as extra scans can sometimes be needed.

Good luck

Nicky x


Secondary Liver Cancer just been diagnosed

Hi - looking for some reassurance please?

2014 Had bi-lateral breast cancer Left Grade 3, Right Grade 2.  Lumpectomy on both.  All cancer removed with clear margins but found HER2 positive so had Chemo (Docetaxel and Carboplatin plus Herceptin.  Followed by radiotherapy.

Annual mamograms have been all clear.

6 weeks ago started to feel unwell.  Urine infections diagnosed.  Blood test came back showing raised enzyme levels.  Investigated further, found to be liver rather than bone.  Pain under right breast moved to lower side.  

Yesterday had ultrasound - diagnosed with Liver Cancer.  Gutted!

Awating CT scan then results will got MDT at breast care when they will decise what happens next......