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Re: Flaraxin

Thanks for your question zibzab. Flaxarin is not something we have come across of heard of before here at Breast Cancer Care. Although there was quite a bit of information in different formats when we researched it, none of it seemed to come from any credible or medical source.

It’s worth pointing out that if you search the web, you can come across a number of non conventional therapies, which are often reported to be highly effective in treating cancer at varying stages. These ‘alternative’ treatments are often expensive and have usually had very little, if any, organised and reliable research done to support their use or look at their effects on the rest of the body. In addition some may also interfere with any medical treatment you may be having. For this reason it’s always worth checking with your specialist before taking anything like this. If you want to talk through things further you can always give the helpline a call on 0808 800 6000

If you need any more help please get in touch.

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Is here something known about Flaraxine? I would like to know about this medication. Maybe somebody from breast care staff can give some information?