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Re: the risk of stopping hormone therapy.

Dear J_A_H


Sorry that you havent received a response yet.  Hopefully someone will be along shortly to share their experience with you.  In the meantime you may find it helpful to speak to one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.  Alternatively you may prefer to post a message directly to our nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.


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the risk of stopping hormone therapy.

I had an early grade 2 stage 1 ductal breast cancer, no lymph node in volvement (3nodes removed) in 2014. Lumpectomy, radiotherapy and letrozole. I have moved into moderate osteoporosis now, hair thnning on top of head and numerous ligament issues, buttocks, shoulder, elbow, coccyx. I changed to Exemestane a month ago after a month break from treatment. I am tempted to discontinue and hope for the best. I have read the Predict research paper and identified my risk. It seems that A.I's give me 1% greater survival over a 5 year period and 2% if I take it for 10 years. Problem is, I can't figure out whether this is such a small risk that I could come off it or if 1 in a hundred is a big risk. I am 66 years old now. How do other people make this decision. Sometimes I just want to get of the meds and then I think, well better to have arthritis and osteoporosis and thin hair at least I woud still be alive and not dying of cancer. How do others make the decision - one way or another. Medics simply say that although there is only a low risk of recurrence, and low benefit from treatment, breast cancer is so unpredictable that you cannot be too sure... what to do?