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Re: Continuing Herceptin Injections in Spain

Thank you for being so helpful!!

Warning! Emotional content
Warning! Emotional content
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Re: Continuing Herceptin Injections in Spain

Hello Crazycamel,


First thing - best wishes to your wife (and to you) because as far as I am concerned, it is bad enough going through it once never mind again!


I know it may not be much help but I had treatment transferred from Scotland to England.  Yes I know it is still the UK but you really would not think it was at times! Anyway, all I am saying is people do move around and things can be arranged with medical services but you will need to play an active part as well.


So maybe your first point of call is to discuss things with GP and or Oncologist and contact the relevant Health Board for your area  (as you are in Scotland) to see where things lie.


As you say you are temporarily moving rather than permanently, it may be the case that the European Health Insurance Card may cover you for treatments. However my understanding of "temporary stay" with regard to the card,apart from holidays etc,  means for example, if you have a second home there, if you are still maintaining your primary home in UK etc. So best to be clear and check out.


A useful starting point may be the GOV.UK site and do a search of "Living In Country Guides" and then select "S" and then "Spain".  There is a lot of information and information links in the "Healthcare" section.


Regards to you both x


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Re: Continuing Herceptin Injections in Spain

Dear crazycamel


Sorry that you havent had a response from any of our community yet.  It maybe that no one has any personal experience of this situation.


You may find it helpful to speak with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.


Alternatively you may prefer to ask this question in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum where the nurses can respond to you online.


In the meantime, you will find amazing support in other areas of the Forum such as Going through treatment.


Best wishes
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Continuing Herceptin Injections in Spain

Is it possible for my wife to transfer her 3 weekly herceptin injections to being given to her in Spain? For various reasons we may be temporarily moving to Spain this Autumn. We currently live in Scotland. My wife finshed her chemo for breast cancer (second time after 15 years!) about 5 weeks ago. She is currently undergoing radiotherapy, which will end in about 3 weeks. She expects to be on herceptin on a 3 weeekly injection/transfusion basis for the best part of a year. Has anyone had expereince of having to transfer such or similar treatments from the UK (Scotland) to Spain? Any help would be much appreciated.