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Re: synchronous bilateral BC

Lump left breast, biopsy showed ductal, had mastectomy, actually turned out to be lobular. Had MRI and found one in other breast. Had another mastectomy (and ANC for left side), this one was ductal. Same receptor status. No-one could feel the one in my right breast, even when they knew where it was!

All started about 3 months ago, now just had second FEC-T. My aunt has had breast cancer 4 times, first aged 50, and is still going strong at 83, so here's hoping!

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Re: synchronous bilateral BC

Hi interestingtimes,  Sorry you find yourself here.  I was diagnosed stage 3 locally advanced bc (including spread to 9/12 lymph nodes) in March 2017.  I had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy and I'm now on Tamoxifen.  The treatments tend to be similar regardless of the specifics.  You can find my story here:

I found it helpful chatting with others in the "going through treatment" threads on this forum, especially the chemo monthly thread.  There are threads for discussing surgery, chemo and radiotheraphy and targeted therapies.  Do you have your full diagnosis? Hormone status, HER2 status, Node status?  This may determine which threads you may want to join. 


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Re: synchronous bilateral BC

Hi ,there are certainly ladies on the forum who have been diagnosed with cancer in both breasts at the same time - hopefully someone will be along soon to share their experiences.Good luck with your treatment .Jill x
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synchronous bilateral BC

Morning all,


Anybody been diagnosed with synchronous bilateral breast cancer? I've done some research and it seems it affects less than 3% of patients... Would love to chat to someone going through the same thing.