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Newly diagnosed, waiting to see how bad


Re: Newly diagnosed, waiting to see how bad


I was diagnosed on 1st June this year, and completely empathise with how you are feeling. I felt completely overwhelmed to begin with. However, I promise you, it does become easier to cope in time. The waiting is the worst part, as you say, as your mind imagines worst case scenarios. When you have a definite treatment plan it becomes easier to bear. You may not believe this now, but once you have a plan, all the women that I have met with breast cancer go into coping mode and seem to get an inner strength. 

 My practical advice would be only to go on to reputable websites such as this one. Don't look at statistics because when you are overwhelmed you will think of the negative outcome, when, for the vast majority of women, this is a ' blip' in our lives.

I can recommend a fantastic book- ' Tea and Chemo' by Jackie Buxton. It is packed with advice and postive words, and left me feeling very uplifted. It is actually often included in ' chemo gift sets' as it is just so positive.

 Don't run ahead of yourself- in the book, Jackie's father in law says ' A to B, B to C, C to D' and that really helped me. One stage at a time.

I have just one of six chemos left , two weeks today, then surgery. I feel that I can see light at the end of the tunnel and each day is a step closer to recovery. I feel so much more positive and less anxious than I did at the start, and you will too.

Whenever you feel anxious, come on to the forum. The supportive women on here will carry you through this.

Thinking of you.


Re: Newly diagnosed, waiting to see how bad

Hello FiMillan,


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  However, welcome to the Forum where I am sure you will receive lots of support and any  information you need.  As well as the Forum,  the BCC site is full of useful booklets and information that you can download, as well as the free phone helpline to talk about anything or for emotional support.  You can also link with a volunteer  through the "Someone like me" scheme is you would find that helpful. 


I was also diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive ductal (Stage 2, ER+, HER2+) 2 years ago.  How quickly the time seems to have gone when I reflect on it now.


"The waiting is the worst part" - yes you are  absolutely spot on.  Waiting for tests, scans, biopsy, results, treatment blah blah but it is unfortunately all needed to help specifically diagnose the grade, stage and sensitivities of our intruder(s) and work out the best eviction plan.


That is brilliant that you are seeing the Consultant so soon so all the best for Friday.  I hope they have all the information available so that they can give you a clear treatment plan.  However, try not to worry if they do not and they need to run further tests or wait for some results.  It is quite normal even if mega frustrating and overwhelming.


Best wishes to you and your husband,


Chick X






Newly diagnosed, waiting to see how bad

Hi I've been diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive ductal breast cancer. Words I never thought I'd say. My husband and I are really struggling to get through each day. Had bone scan on Monday, CT scan yesterday and seeing consultant on Friday to see if it's primary or secondary and how we're going to deal with it. This is so hard. I've never been really ill, don't feel ill now, I just have a lump in my breast that we thought was a cyst. But it turns out the cyst is cancer. How do you all cope with this? The waiting is the worst part.