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New to forum...newly diagnosed


Re: New to forum...newly diagnosed

Thanks Jill....not experienced anything supermarket related yet.


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Re: New to forum...newly diagnosed

Welcome to the forum Feenix - hope today is s better day for you .Yes , wobbly days are par for course ,also look out for the " supermarket meltdown " which seems pretty common too !!! The anxious waiting is torture but once you get going with your treatment it does feel a lot less overwhelming .And yes it is very surreal
- like it's not really happening to you .Good luck with your MRI .Jill.

New to forum...newly diagnosed

Hi All

Diagnosed last week grade 2 IDC..having MRI next week to determine size, due for surgery within a few weeks. ER + 

Although trying to keep my head in gear I did have a major wobbly day yesterday but I reckon that’s par for the course. It’s a rubbish way to lose weight !!! I’m trying meditation and telling myself I can worry myself sick but it’s not going to change anything.... it is surreal though.

The waiting and wondering is the worst.