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Mastectomy one year on


Re: Mastectomy one year on

Hi Lynda,


Thank you, I’m glad you found my post helpful. It is a difficult decision to make what to do, but you need to go with what feels right for you. The assumption seems to be that if you have a mastectomy you will want reconstruction. I have huge admiration for those ladies out there that have reconstruction, but for me it didn’t seem the right choice. Truth be told I’m a bit of a coward and have never really been a great fan of my boobs (too big), so the thought of the additional surgery and longer recovery time to match something I didn’t like seemed pointless.


I can only go from a non reconstruction point of view, but there are posts on the forum in the going through treatment/surgery section which you may find helpful. 


Flat Friends have a website and Facebook page which offers lots of support if you are thinking about no reconstruction.


Good luck for Monday and remember the decision needs to feel right for you. 



Re: Mastectomy one year on

also be aware if you go for reconstruction you will not have feeling in your reconstructed breast.


Re: Mastectomy one year on

Thank you x you are an amazing lady! So glad to hear all is positive for you. I go to the recon clinic Mon. very daunting. Not sure wether to have the recon or which procedure. The operations sound extreme and the recovery worries me. Good luck with your op, thanks again for your advice xxx
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Re: Mastectomy one year on

Very helpful post Krysbe- thank you .

Mastectomy one year on

I was originally going to post this in the moving forward section, but then thought it might help all you ladies out there that are going through the bewilderment and trauma of just having been diagnosed.


Its hard to come to terms with your diagnosis in fact for me it didn’t and still doesn’t seem real. Every time I thought about my cancer I considered it wasted time as that meant I had given into it and worrying wouldn’t change the results, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t wake up at night and have a good cry when no-one else was about. 


I had a mastectomy on my right breast in November 2017 following a breast reduction and wide local excision, but on the plus side I didn’t need any radiotherapy or chemo. I opted not to have reconstruction and asked my surgeon for the best possible cosmetic results with no extra flaps of skin and have no regrets, I’m on the waiting list now to have my other breast removed for symmetry, but its important to go with what feels right for you.


The breast surgeons at my local hospital request that you attend the day surgery ward at 7:30 regardless of what time you operation is scheduled. If that is the case make use of the times when you are allowed to eat and drink incase your surgery is in the afternoon, otherwise you will feel awful. I was a bit wiser for my subsequent ops and made myself eat some cereal at 22:00 and drank 2 mugs of black tea before the 6:00 am deadline. 


It is so important to do the exercises you are given, although would suggest that you try them before you have your surgery as you will not then be trying to do something you cannot do before your op.


My mastectomy was done as a day case and I was up and about taking the dog a walk the following day. I took Arnica 30C which helped with the bruising and reduced the amount of pain relief I needed to take.


My cancer was hormone positive 8/8 so prescribed Letrozole, as other people have posted the brand can make a difference and I found the Lady Care magnet helped with the hot flushes.


I've gone for the more natural look and now wear a Been-A-Boob and a non-padded bra as I found my silicone prosthesis uncomfortable in the summer and I never really got used to wearing a padded bra, being a 34DD it seemed to emphasis my boobs.


My sympathy goes out to all of you who are going through treatment at this time of year.

Wishing you Good Luck for your treatment and a better 2019.