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Re: Barton ( fran )

So very sorry to hear of Barton passing. She was a lovely person and a great support to many.

RIP Fran xx

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Re: Barton ( fran )

Thank you for letting us know Carolyn. Very sad to hear this news of Barton, may she rest in peace xx

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Re: Barton ( fran )

Oh what sad news Carolyn 😒

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Re: Barton ( fran )

Very sad news .
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Re: Barton ( fran )



I did not have the pleasure of knowing Barton (fran) however I wanted to add my condolences to her family and friends at this time.


Helena xx

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Barton ( fran )

Remembering a lovely kind lady who was a great support here for many years.
She got her wings at 10.10pm last night ..all very peaceful she liked life ...
I will miss you Fran but thank you for being my buddy and the lovely scones and cakes we shared over the 2 years.