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Re: DCIS / mammogram question


Just thought I would say my DCIS was picked up by myself. I had a very swollen, hot breast and was discharging a bloody coloured discharge, was sent for a mammagram where extensive malcalcifications were found, had a mastectomy, DIEP reconstruction and a reduction on the other breast. No sign of anything in the other breast. I am 45, so had a few years to go til mammograms.

Hope everything goes ok.

Love Liz xx

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Re: DCIS / mammogram question


I thought I would let you know that my DCIS was picked up on my very first mammogram, it was so extensive that I ended up having to have a mastectomy. When I was shown the films, all I could see were lots of areas with little white flecks (like grains of salt) all over it, these were the microcalcs. We stopped counting at 10 areas!! I thought that DCIS is mostly picked up by mammograms as usually there are no symptoms. Luckily, the other breast showed absolutely nothing. My surgeon informed me that it would have been at least 3 - 5 years before I would have felt anything so I was grateful for the screening programme.
I have recently had a reduction to the good breast and can't answer you regarding scar tissue, but if anyone else knows the answer I too would be grateful as I have my first mammo post diagnosis in Sept and have a niggle in the back of my mind incase it shows up in the good one.
Hope all goes well with the mammo and I am very sorry that you have found yourself on here but you will get lots of help and support from the other ladies here.
Take care,


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DCIS / mammogram question

Hi all,

my dcis was not diagnosed via a mammogram. It was found in tissue removed following a breast reduction.

I am having a mammogram in a few weeks when I'm a bit more healed from my op to see if there is any more dcis present.

I was wonderIng if anyone knows what the chances are of it being seen on the mammogram if there is any there?does it rely on there being microcalcifications there or not? I had a mammogram last year & was given the all clear so I wondered if it has either developed since then or just not seen due to lack of microcalcs.

Also does anyone know how scar tissue affects a mammogram? My scars are quite extensive after my reduction which was only a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for your help