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Re: Eyelashes

Well I had my eyebrows tattooed before I got the chemo and I used Urban Decay water proof eyeliner pencil.


The eye watering is common and mine took ages to go but you might find that anti-histamine works. Everything grows back after a while!



Morning lovely ladies


i finished 4 EC and 4 docetaxol cycles on December 28th (so just over 6 weeks ago)

I have completley lost my eyebrows and eyelashes.


How long did you find it took for them to start growing back? Every morning I look to see if there are any black dots of stubble appearing but nothing yet 😩 I used to have really thick eyebrows and lashes.


I never realised what an important job eyelashes did! So my eyes are frequently watering or tearing up everyday. So much so I cant be bothered with any eyeliner as it just comes off. I end up wearing sunglasses a lot, which looks a bit bonkers in the winter or going round the supermarket!