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A few words of encouragement


Re: A few words of encouragement

I just wanted to say how deeply I appreciated your words of encouragement. 

I really wish you continue to thrive and congratulations on returning to work!


A few words of encouragement

Dear Ladies,

I just wanted to come on to this thread to give you some encouragement and advice. I had six rounds of chemo last year from June to October. I found it became easier each time. The first time I felt very unwell and lethargic,and ended up in hospital for a few days,  but I told the nurses all my symptoms and they gave me medicines to counteract this. By the third cycle they had my meds right, and it wasn't too bad. I found it really helpful to write the dates of the chemo in my diary followed by eg ' halfway there' , ' only one more to go' ' last one'!

On my first chemo I met two other ladies in the chemo department who were also having chemo. I know they meant well but they started saying that I would never feel the same again, I would always feel tired, my brain wouldn't function properly again. As someone who was energetic, loved my career as a dentist, and went to the gym every week, I was really upset and stressed. But, I can tell you, Ladies, they were wrong! I had my last chemo on 10th October and I went back to work in January, I am doing a short run on the running machine once a week, and my old energy and zest for life has returned! I really feel like I have my life back, and I feel positive and optimistic!!! If anything, I appreciate life even more than I did before. 

So, hang on in there. In a few weeks/ months you will be over this and moving forward. I will be thinking of you all and remembering how grateful I was for the lovely ladies on this forum helping me through my treatment and low days. Best wishes to you all.

Jane xxx