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Macmillan IPhone App


Re: Macmillan IPhone App

Hi Becca

Yes, I managed to send them an email  ( to their publications reviewers) and I got a reply thanking me. 

They will make sure that my feedback gets forwarded to their app designers.


Community Manager

Re: Macmillan IPhone App

Hi Rosina,


That sounds like a great idea. 


Have you let Macmillan know? I've found some information about contacting them on their website, which I hope can help: 


Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 


Macmillan IPhone App

I have just downloaded this App. It’s very useful for keeping everything in one place. I just wish it had a way of tracking my reactions to my treatment (a colour coded key of symbols on a calendar) just like the menstrual cycle app that I use has.