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February 2019 chemo starters


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


I Morning Nettinoo,

the little church ( more of a shack with icons , a chandelier and a candle stand ) was dedicated to the ‘Holy Unmencernaries’ doctors who treated the sick without accepting a fee.

My Gran would instruct me to never forget this tiny church.

 I haven’t been back in yonks.

Got me thinking about them now.

Looking at the icons ( there for those who cannot read) I suppose triggered my interest in art.

 I was very close to my Gran. Spent my summers with her. In the wilderness.



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Rosina, loved the description of lighting the oil lamps with Greek gran. I could really picture myself there. And “a seeker with questions” 👍🏼😍. Good luck with treatment today. Not sure what today is going to bring for me. I felt my tea didn’t settle very well yesterday evening and ended up vomiting early hours. Still feel really sick, headachy and tummy hurts. Temp was a bit high but have managed to get it down now. Just going to lie here and hope I will feel better later. Due chemo Monday so hope this doesn’t end up setting me back. X


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Rosina I think maybe the steroids have got you just a leeeeetle bit hyper after all! Smiley Very Happy  sorry you didn't get much sleep, same here every time on the 'roids, but hopefully they will also carry you through the day without you getting too tired.


Best of luck today with your long delayed 5th dose!


And Daisy I hope you had fun jetting around on the scooter Smiley Happy  I remember my friend letting me and my son (when he was little) have a go on hers in a garden centre car park once.  That thing could shift!  We were zooming around like Nigel Mansell! Smiley Very Happy


Hopefully you'll soon be up to walking the dogs the old fashioned way again, but this sounds like a good compromise in the meantime.


So sorry to hear that the itchy side effects are back again Smiley Sad


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning Nettinoo,

 I posted in the wee hours ( I was typing in our bathroom so as to not disturb H1) and forgot to get back to you re. Hostas and holes in leaves.

I did ask H1 and kind vegetarian (who doesn’t believe in killing anything that he is ) he stated that he uses slug pellets. I said ‘aren’t they poisonous ?’ and he said they were. He must put them right in the pots , as song birds, squirrels, fat pigeons, the neighborhood fox and neighborhood cats visit our back garden quite happily. The squirrel also digs up His bulbs ( from pots). Old Tom Cat Ben ( now departed from getting very old ) and belonging to our disapproving neighbours next door would catch the odd pigeon and enjoy his dinner on our front doorstep ( on the doormat) leaving only lots of feathers and the carcass (freaking H1 out) and a cleaning up job for me. I guess he liked to do the deed nicely hidden behind the plants and on a warm mat 😊 no clean driveways for him this was always a clandestine job ( don’t know how he caught the pigeons he always seemed to be dozing - mostly on our doormat) 😂

Hope this helps.

I am now wide awake after 5 hours of sleep.

Well done for booking a cruise MBJ go for it. I would love to see the Northern Lights ( you did say fiords, if I remember correctly).

Final funny anecdote from yesterday K2 asked me if I had ‘converted’ as I was listening to chants (off YouTube) yesterday. My answer ‘anything that is good is good’. I was brought up in the Christian tradition ( English Christmas and Carols and turkey, Greek Easter with fireworks , red boiled eggs to crack and lamb on a spit ) , bible at home and helping out Greek Gran to light the oil lamps in her favourite little church in front of her village home ( this was always done early on a Sunday morning and the best bit was creaking open the wooden door and gazing on the rainbows on the church wall formed by the dusty crystals hanging from the tiny chandelier- these would vanish by the time all lamps were lit) .but I would say I am more of a ‘seeker with questions’.

H1 says nature is his temple and we have a Buddha face in the living room reminding us to stay sane- not always easy - we have had some whopping rows in our time ( of the type the neighborhood can hear - not nice but we have come through 🥴

Edinbird, hope you are feeling better.

Implausible you certainly pushed yourself. I sometimes think about popping up to London, the Van Gogh exhibition at the Tate is very tempting but then I prefer to stay put.

 I did my usual round the park walk yesterday with H1 and got quite warm , so I uncovered my head and forgot about it until I noticed a look of alarm on a middle aged woman’s face so I put my scarf back on.

 I told H1 that the sight of him was scary enough without a double whammy of me too 🤪



Today’s going to be fun. My daughter asked will Granny be OK at the hospital? Won’t she get upset?

 I think she will be fine.

H1 predicts that she will have a good chat with anyone willing to listen to her  😳 I will tell her to bring her book.

Thinking of all of you, love,



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Wide awake due steroids (I guess at 1am).

Love the artworks Implausible especially ‘Winged Mercury ‘ very clever !!! 

Daisydi , we do what we have to do.

You are a responsible pet owner. Drummer boy next door has a small white thing which is never taken for a walk and howls continuously when ‘home alone ‘ which currently seems to be daily.

They don’t approve of H1s gardening , so a bit of ignoring going on on either side.

Seasidesar cuddles for Lexi and her family.

 It’s my wedding anniversary on the 31st but I don’t want to go anywhere until chemo is over.

Then again I am tempted with a visit to West Wittering beach ( including an overnight stay) then I have told H1 I want to visit Norwich and Glastonbury ( he was a bit taken aback because he thought that I meant the music festival 🤪).

Funny interactions today:

1) K1 has been harassing me to do my eyebrows so I finally let her . She did such a great job I said ‘Don’t need to do the LGFG, if I have you on hand’ and she was a bit worried I would pull out ( she really wants the makeup goody bag 😆). This made me giggle.

2) I told my mum ‘the steroids can make some ladies hyper, but I don’t notice anything.’

Reply : ‘That’s because you already are.’ Love it. 🤪

Will try to sleep again. I have tried yoga Nidra x2 and praying to the Universe for any higher powers that be to ‘knock me out ‘ so far no luck.☘️☘️☘️☘️






Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Thanks for the update Sar.  Such a worry for you all.  I have a confession to make.  I had to take the dogs out with an old mobility scooter today as I just didn't have the energy to walk.  My sister bought it last year when she broke her ankle and couldnt get the dogs out.  Our dogs wont go for a walk with anyone else so it was a really good buy for her and now I'm using it. I had great fun bombing along with the dogs chasing me.  Changed my name to Madge for now.   I have had nausea with this cycle too and now today I have come up in the spotty rash like last time.  I'm struggling to find stuff to eat and unfortunately its all bad but I really dont care.  Sar we started off with a static caravan in Suffolk  and I loved it up here so much which is why I made the move about 10 years ago.

Good luck for tomorrow Rosina x


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi all


Finally I have time for a proper catch up.... yesterday was not a good day -it started with me in floods of tears for various reasons and rowing with my son (we have made up since), and then I had to work for most of the day, plus I was exhausted from all the walking around Leicester (I did 56k steps from 7pm Friday night through to 4pm Sunday!)  - and then today I've been in the office all day and it was a busy/tough one.....

So, here goes:


Rosina - fantastic news that you are go go go with chemo round 5 (finally!) - those neutrophils of yours clearly needed a little rest, but they are raring to go now Smiley Happy  Maybe the drummer next door helped to wake them up! Smiley Very Happy

(We used to have a drummer in our street - he wasn't even next door, he was a good 6 houses up - but he practiced in his dad's garage with the garage door open and you could hear him from miles away!  He was quite good at it - I think he ended up being in a fairly successful band - but that wasn't really the point - it was still annoying)
PS loved the photo of you and your mum! 


Daisy - that "hot poker in each orifice" analogy made me wince!  And then you had the throwing up thing Smiley Sad  I really hope you are starting to feel a little better.  Chemo really is the absolute pits!


MBJ I hope your daughter had a great birthday.  Very strong family resemblance there, she must love having such a glam young mum!  My mum was 39 when she had me so would have been well into her 80s by the time I was 43, and my dad was even older....I used to envy my friends with the fun, young mamas Smiley Happy 

And as for all the cruise bookings - you go for it!!  It is so fantastic to have stuff to look forward to.  Got to admit I'm still too chicken to book anything too far from home.  Hopefully once I get out the other side of rads and final surgery I'll start to relax a bit, and then maybe I could entertain the idea of a holiday.  Maybe.  When did I become such a coward??


Marlyn - I think the red dot thing is a shampoo bar.  I've been boycotting Lush for a while because one of their window campaigns annoyed me, but I did find something similar recommended on one of the other threads on here...  it was a shampoo bar (looks like a green bar of soap) from Etsy, which I think has nettles in it (but hopefully it won't sting! Smiley Very Happy)  - you are supposed to use it as soon as the hair regrowth starts and it will apparently encourage faster/stronger regrowth.  Who knows if it works or not (I haven't tried it yet), but it was only £7ish (including shipping) so I thought it was worth a try Smiley Happy   Here is the link:




Seaside - I love your beach photos- you can see why you are called "Seaside Sar" when clearly that is where you are in your element Smiley Happy  the big fish on the beach is so cool!
Thanks for the update on Lexi.... glad she is feeling better but what a pain that they have to repeat the test and that it will take so long to come back!


  I hope your sister has managed to have a break, I remember spending 4 days and nights with my son (when he was 6) in intensive care sitting - and attempting to sleep -on a really uncomfortable chair.  At one point I tried to lie down next to him on the hospital bed as I was so exhausted and the nurse gave me SUCH a telling off!


Edinbird - is the dishwasher purchase cancelled or just postponed?  The election results yesterday were one of the various things that had me in tears, so rather you than me watching all the analysis!  It just would have depressed me more :/


Ocean - hope all is going / went well with your kids' visit


Sonia I hope you have had a fantastic birthday!    Also you mentioned tastebuds and oral thrush - pretty sure I haven't had thrush as my tongue hasn't been white and bumpy and my mouth hasn't been sore.... but I definitely get the tastebud problem.  From about day 4 to day 10 after T everything tastes weird and most things leave a really unpleasant aftertaste too.  Very nasty.  Even water tastes wrong! 


MBJ and Trixielady, I've got to take hormones for 10 years too.  Don't know which one yet as they haven't worked out whether I am pre or post menopausal.  (I had a hysterectomy a couple of years back but kept an ovary so apparently it is anyone's guess! Smiley Very Happy  they are going to do some kind of test at some point to decide).  So yes this won't all be over for a very long time.  Still can't wait to finish chemo though! Smiley Happy

And Trixie....my relationship with my sister intrigues me too! Smiley Very Happy


Nettie, please reassure your daughter.  My hysterectomy was genuinely one of the best things I ever did.  I wish I had done it years before!!  I had fibroids for years and absolutely crucifyingly long, heavy and painful periods.  The hysterectomy gave me a whole new lease of life.  The joy of being able to go out for the day without having to worry about having to change a tampon every hour or destroy your clothes and embarass yourself horribly!  I don't miss those days!!

(Sorry if that is TMI!)


Pompeii is ace, I went there in my teens with my parents and remember being stunned to silence by the place.  Unusual for me!  My parents probably loved the unexpected peace and quiet Smiley Happy   I also remember there was a part of the museum with "pornographic" Roman mosaics that I wasnt allowed in as I was under 18.  I waited outside and my mum and dad came out giggling and holding hands.  I was horrified!! Smiley Very Happy


And you are right I came very close to not going to Leicester.  But I knew my other half wouldn't go without me and I didn't want him to miss out.  Plus the hotel was pre paid and non cancellable.  I'm glad I went, it was brilliant (if exhausting). I'll share some more photos in a bit....


Edinbird sorry you have had a tiring day of work.  Me too.  I think our employers are forgetting that we aren't at full strength!


Finishing up with some more Leicester pics as you all seemed to enjoy the last lot.  Tell me to stop if you have had enough of painted walls!! Smiley Very Happy

20190526_133742-picsay.jpgThat's me, for scale Smiley Happy






20190526_134850-picsay.jpgMy favourite of the weekend


20190526_111747-picsay.jpgThis one is super clever.... this is how it looks to the naked eye....


20190526_112127-picsay.jpg...if you look through the red lens of a pair of 3d glasses you just see the statue...


20190526_112151-picsay.jpg...and if you look through the blue lens, you just see the skeleton






20190526_150944-picsay.jpgBicycle for scale






20190526_174307-picsay.jpgComplete with classic overturned trolley to stand on to reach the top of the wall... a standard graffiti artist trick Smiley Happy


20190526_160948-picsay.jpgOne of my stickers at the top, my other half's in the middle, Flying Fortress from Mexico at the bottom



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Evening everyone,


Just a quick update on Lexi. She had to have another lumbar puncture today as they didn't take enough fluid the first time 😔 The results won't be back until Friday so she is staying in hospital for the time being. She's still on antibiotics, one of which is for meningitis. On the plus side, she has been feeding better again today.


Will let you know when I hear anything else.


Lovely to hear from you, Nettienoo. You should definitely visit Caister at some point. It was very peaceful.


Good luck for tomorrow, Rosina. You've got this girl! 💪


Edinbird, don't worry too much about the lack of exercise for now. Be kind to yourself. You'll catch up when all this barry bc treatment is out of the way.


Have a good evening everyone.


Sar xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi all xx


Nettie we do have a dishwasher it’s just very temperamental and husband thinks we should replace it. I’m happy to just rewash what doesn’t get clean each time and save the cash... but I think I’m getting overruled on that one.


Undercarriage is much better just needed a thrush treatment after the antibiotics last week.


Had a stupidly busy afternoon of work which kinda negated the reflexology I had this morning. Feel frustrated and tired now. Not done any exercise for days and walking up the steps to the reflexologist (she’s in an upper villa) was tough going. Just feeling fed up of it all at the moment. Was going to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow but he’s been called to a meeting and then might have an electrician coming in the afternoon to mend a light... everything seems to be happening at once. And to think I just had half of Friday and all of yesterday off!


Glad the neutrophils are behaving Rosina. I hope my liver behaves on Friday for my bloods... don’t want any delays with all the scans and appointments I have booked in. Just zap me and then let’s have the Barry out


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi lovelies, 

It’s taken me ages to read through the weekend posts and have a look at all the gorgeous photos.

before I forget, SusieB, I think it was you (or it may have been MBJ) who said my new Acer needed ericacious compost. I got some over the weekend and hopefully it will be a happy little Acer from now on. Thank you so much for the advice as it cost quite a bit and I may have cried if I’d killed it. 

Susie, FOG day will be over and done with before you know it. My 34yr daughter Vicky is having major pre GA jitters too today. She is having an hysterectomy tomorrow. She is very young to be having one I know but she is happy with her two boys and is fed up with the discomfort she is experiencing so it needs to be done.I’ve been trying to put her mind at rest but it is perfectly normal to feel anxious and thankfully anaesthetists and theatre staff are great at calming the nervous patient. 

Daisydi and Edinbird, how is the undercarriage situation? I really hope you are both improving and it’s not making you feel too miserable. It’s bad enough on its own isn’t it but along with other side effects I can see it would easily be “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. 😩

Ocean, I hope your youngest offspring have taken your news ok. I found telling my two so hard. As mothers the last thing we want to do is cause our children to be sad or anxious. I think now they are face to face with you they will hopefully be ok as they will be able to see you are coping.

That photo of the single poppy in the wheat field is truly beautiful. I would happily have it on my wall in a frame and Jackson, he is just adorable and looks such a character. I know he can be Jackson the Destroyer at times but his face melts my heart.

MBJ, you will soon have your family home. July is approaching fast. Your beautiful daughter has obviously inherited your “looking younger than age” genes. You are very alike. 

Well done on doing some “skiing”. You and your husband deserve all the cruises/holidays you can manage. I for one will be making lovely experiences like that top priority from now on. Just in the process of rebooking my cancelled Amsterdam weekend to celebrate my 60th with friends and I’m determined to visit Pompeii next year as it’s been on my “to do” list for far too long. 

Rosina, I have serious Hosta envy now. How do you keep them from being eaten? I’ve just seen the telltale holes appearing on a couple of mine. 😢 The mum and daughter photo is lovely by the way. Great news on the neutrophils. 🙌🏻 I hope mine are behaving for blood test on Friday. 

Marlyn, how are the rads going. Are you getting used to lying there with your boobs out now? Did your false eyelashes arrive and what is hair chalk? I haven’t heard of it before. 

Deano, I’ll definitely be ringing the bell at the end of chemo. I came so close to not carrying on and possibly not being allowed to carry on with chemo that I need to do it even though it is only a part of the whole process. 

Daisydi, has your temp been behaving itself? It’s so worrying when it’s suddenly gets high (or really low) isn’t it? 

Implausible, I applaud you in managing to get to Leicester and enjoy the street art when you were obviously struggling to find the energy to go. You are a really tough cookie aren’t you? I fear I may have pulled the duvet over my head and cried off. 

Seaside, Caister beach looks really lovely and quiet too. I’ve never been to that area and really must make an effort to do so now we have the touring caravan. Your daughter is so like you. I hope little Lexie is being well looked after and starting to improve. 

Edinbird, you are such a busy little bee why do you not want a dishwasher to help you out a bit. I’ve got to admit U held of having one for a few years but now I have one I wouldn’t be without it. 

Hi Trixielady, you are another brave little soldier. You sound a bit down at the moment, understandable of course. Perhaps when the Taxol finishes you may get a bit more normality back in your life and start to feel more positive. It’s barrying hard though isn’t it love? I have days where it all just hits me right in the guts.....it’s an awful feeling.

Sonia, I hope you enjoy your birthday meal. I think I put on few pounds in one day when it was mine. I stuffed my face the whole day. 

Sandra, I’m appalled at what you were saying in your post and how you say people have been treating you.  I really do think you need to try and get away from there asap as it sounds like you will never feel happy living there now. As others have said, you have friends here on this forum who do care sincerely about you and Veronica, please take some comfort from that. Do you have friends/family elsewhere that you could move to live near? I hate the thought of you feeling so alone. 

Sorry I’ve rambled on so long. 

I love you all. Have the best evening you can. We are getting there with the chemo. Xxx



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Healing mantra


Dedicated to all of us. I love it.

Off to walk now. This is better than repeating ‘Taxoterre ‘ in my head. I called it ‘horse tranquiliser ‘ in my oncologist appointment this morning and he laughed. 

Cancelled the life Coaching as I had to be back to drive my daughter, her friend and my Mum to the pool/ new spin gym.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Trixielady well thanks for the complement it must be the glam wig 😄. I am also going to be taking medication for 10 years (if I am lucky enough). So far side effects very minimal bit of a cough now and again and some joint aches but again once I move around those improve. Both are known side effects of Letrozole. But considering how I reacted to chemotherapy I think I am very lucky to be tolerating the medication. Like you I feel as if it will never be in my past but something I will live with forever. Rather than cured I feel like a ticking time bomb I just hope it has a long fuse. 💣


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Happy Birthday Sonia 28. Have a really lovely day 🎉💐🎂🥂


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Happy Birthday Sonia.  Have a great day with your family xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Trixielady, I am good to go for dose #5 tomorrow ( 🙏) neutrophils up to 3.7 today.

Ever so pleased 🤗

How are you doing?

Sonia28 enjoy your birthday 🌻64901A9D-2218-4AC5-B309-FD62E0B115DC.jpegIt’s been up since my daughters 17th

Every day is a birthday over this end 🤪

Have a good day everyone. 🌈


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Happy Birthday Sonia 🎈🎈🎉🎉🎊🎊🎁🎁🎂🍷🍹🥂. Enjoy your day xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes, 

heading out to the Barbican in the sun this afternoon with the kids and a meal with hubby and them tonight, just missing number one so but he’ll be home this weekend xxx

Trixielady glad to hear your treatment is coming to the end too ( well

chemo)  xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


Hi hunny, i so sorry that they are getting away with treating you like that its horrible wrong and disgusting you its a shame your not well enough to give them hell and fight. 

Hopefully one door closes and another one opens but its so hard to remain positive xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning Nettienoo 

Take care xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Will update properly later but had to pop in to wish lovely Sonia a very happy birthday. I hope you are feeling up to celebrating sweetheart. . 😘😘🥂🎂🎁 xxxxxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning Rosina 

Loved the photo of your mam and you 

How it all going? Xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Daisydi and Deano 

Sorry to hear about your side effects hopefully they will be shown the door real soon.

Can't decide if mine are worse are just different on weekly Taxol and 3 weekly herceptin not looking forward to the 10 years of tablets, have trouble remembering to take my thyroid meds having to depend on my wonderful hubby xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning Seaside Sar 

Sorry to hear about baby Lexi fingers crossed she gets help today xx



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Happy birthday Sonia! 🍸🍰🎂🍹🍦🎁🎈🎉


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


Hopefully your Children are ok and able to understand why you waited to tell them.

Hopefully you will also feel relieved by not having to keep this to from them xx

My weekly Taxol is hopefully coming to an end in the next few weeks but I will continue on herceptin injections for a year and tablets for 10 years xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Pressed wrong button 

Implausible how's it going? It intrigues me about peoples relationships but I'm pleased you have seen your sister, nowt wrong with your lovely home your one busy strong fighting lady keep up the good work, also fighting your way through this barry bc journey xxx



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning lovely ladies 

Happy birthday Sonia xxx

Hopefully as time moves on with our journey we will become even stronger with the continuing support from all around us x

Edinbird photos are fantastic. I totally agree about not ringing the bell, as in my heart i don't believe it will ever be truly gone as for me after chemo I still have a year of herceptin injections and ten years of tablets.

MBJ you don't look old enough to have a beautiful daughter of 43 xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Sonia, it's your birthday today???


Happy birthday!!!!  


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

I have to apologise for all the spelling mistake, i won’t use the lap top next time xx 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Implauisble, the photos from your weekend are fab, I love the art work.


MJB, Its lovely to hear youve booked another cruise, I am very jealous, and I bet your kids are happy your spending their inheritance, all the best people have birthdays in May xxx Woman Wink


Seaside Sar, sorry to hear that Lexi hasnt been well, hopfully the sickness today is just the gizzling milk, Did you forgetr to tell her that she can be poorly over the weekend as the NHS runs on a skelton staff. I am off to collect my eldest from Uni next weekend. 


Daisydi and Deano, you both sound like you've had lots of the same symptoms as me, I think having the oral thrush kills the taste buds, I'm looking forward to rasking things again in July!!!! I have 2 aunt sally cheeks and this was before I saw any sunshine this weekend.


Rosina,  your photo oif your mum and you was lovely xx


Edinbird, I am sorry you didnt make it to your nephews birthday, but I am sure he will enjoy his trike ans there will be many more birthdays to come.


Marilyn, thanks for the chalk hair tips, my daughter had some years ago, i forgot all about them.


Ocean, I hope it went okay speaking to your children,  I am sure seeing you in person will help them deal with the news. I am loving all the photos.


Susie, We are all behind you with the operation. I'd never had a hospitla saty apart from having children. My sister has had many and told me how much she enjoys the rest from the GA, I have to say she was right xxx 


Nettinoo, I am glad the buffet went down well, i think we are all guilty of over doing it, trying to be the best hostess, hope you have recovered now. 


Sandra, I am sorry things are not going your way, hopefully is you'll will be able to relocate as planned and put this all behind you.


Well I have had a lovely weekend at the caravan, sportying my new aunt Sally rosey cheeks, lots of gardening and bbq's, and meeting up with friends. The only downside has been I have n't been able to get up and down to the beach as the steps are too much for me at the moment, I'm okay on if the roads cliffs are flat, but just can't climb those steps without wanting to crawl up on my hands and knees( Not a pretty siteWoman LOL)


Hopfully I haven't forgotten anyone, if I have do forgive me,








Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Sat in bed again. Like deja vu from this morning 😉


Sandra I am lost for words. It's a terrible situation. Please remember you do have friends as we are all here for you.


Daisy you live in a lovely part of the country. We are seriously considering buying a static caravan around there so would love to pick your brains when we start looking. I'm sorry you're having such a food nightmare. It is so disappointing when your tastebuds aren't playing ball. As for the mouthwash incident, that sounds awful. You poor thing.


MBJ how lovely that you've booked a cruise! Something to look forward to and you deserve it.


Sarah, Lexi has been unsettled again today. She's been sick lots of times, which could be due to her guzzling her milk too much. There's no news from the consultant because of the bank holiday. Hopefully better news tomorrow.


Right, I'm going to get an early night.


Night night everyone.




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Ladies.

Some lovely family photos today, you are all looking good. So pleased Lexi is getting better Seaside Sar such a worry for your family. Well I have been naughty and booked another cruise this time for September with my sister and brother in law. We are off to the fjords. So Spain and Guernsey in June and Norway in September. What do they call it Skiing - spending the kids inheritance 😃😃.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

I'll post properly later or tomorrow.... but Sandra I can't leave your post hanging!


I genuinely don't know what to say, mind you, honestly, no words, no advice Smiley Sad


I'm not for a second saying that I don't believe your version of events, but the thought that a whole city would effectively blackball one individual just for being Portuguese seems crazySmiley Sad  like a conspiracy plot from a novel :/


All I can say is it makes it even more imperative that you relocate to a more welcoming city as soon as possible.  


I hope you get some good news soon, you most certainly deserve some


Sarah x


PS other Sarah, while I am here, great news about Lexi continuing to improve!  Hope she is home soon x




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hey, my lovely girls, sorry, been away, just wanted to leave an update before reading what has been going on.

I just..... went down a few days ago. I have been ill, sick and tired of what is happening, always afraid of can happen to my daughter, terrified of being so helpless, and then something else happened.

I should have a work placement as part of my MA and I started a project for the Durham Heritage site with a supervisor, but a few days ago I received an email from her saying that she could no longer supervise me. This is highly unusual, and, according to the course director, the 1st time that happened, so I started to pull some strings.

To give you an idea, Durham is ruled by the university, the cathedral and the council, and they are all linked between. There are no jobs outside this triumvirate and things go around them.

A couple of years ago I tried to join the cathedral, but after many things going wrong and after applying for some jobs there, unsuccessfully, I was told in my face that 'my type' was not welcome there and that I should seek somewhere else.

for those that do not know, I was not born British, I was born in Portugal and moved to the UK many, many years ago, and I still speak with an accent. That is 'my type', not welcome to Durham cathedral to be part of it. I was a very naive person, and decided to make a formal complaint to the dean, which passed it to another person that said that I cancelled several appointments without saying anything, and when I demanded a proof of this, they just never replied. After that, my grades at my department, which is connected to the Anglican Church and cathedral, were always very low, I was ignored all the time and completely removed from any worked placement at any church, was not considered for ministry and every thing I applied to was denied and not considered, up to the point that my dissertation supervisor disappeared without an explanation and I was left doing a dissertation in and out of the hospital with sepsis and no supervision. I finished my degree under these dark circumstances, but I never managed to get a job with the church, the university or the council. When I tried to approach people to ascertain what was going on, they basically did not give feedback and I ended like an outcast in Durham.

When I signed the papers for my work placement I did not know it was linked to the cathedral, so when they received them and saw it was me... well, they forbidden the supervision and work placement and I was out!

So, I had a conversation out of record with some people. I cannot prove anything, but I will be completely blocked because the 3 institutions work together and my name is black-listed.

I volunteer a lot, I am quite involved with the community... but I am the foreigner who dared to make a complaint because was discriminated and that was a first in my life after living in so many places and countries.

I never had an issue in my life related to discrimination, I never even knew that this could happen, but as long as I am in Durham, I will not get a job or have an opportunity to build up a life here.

After all we have been through this was too much, I simply do not know, I feel that I am so alone in a country that I thought it was mine, the only one where I know how to live and I would never expect something like this would happen.

I see my daughter trying to recover from this awful nightmare and we are trapped in this place due to miserable people, where I am being denied the most basic of rights, the right to have a job.

Girls, I have to be alive for my daughter, but it seems that my life ended, I am trying my best to keep swimming, but I do not have friends, I do not have a job, my savings are gone and it looks so dark and hopeless, and at the same time, my daughter just has me and she is so frail (as you all know very well, you are all feeling the same).

We all need a little help from above....

OK, going to read everything.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Afternoon all.  All this talk of icecream and steak.  Im finding it really hard to fancy anything at the moment.  I have been eating such a healthy diet but I cant face any of it,  not even my superfood shake.  My breakfast and lunch today consisted of hot sausage rolls and custard donuts which I never buy and have bought a steak pie and mash for dinner.  I am obviously craving carbs but I really cant worry about it today.  Glad Lexi is on the mend Seaside.  You were very close to where I live yesterday just needed to go a bit more north and you would have been here.  Happy to report that hot and fiery swellings have at last gone down but last night was another new one for me.  I tried to keep my mouthwash in my mouth for a bit longer as my tongue is awful but I gagged and swallowed some and then I had blood pouring out of my nose and mouth and was really sick.  What a flipping mess.  This stuff is really upsetting my body.  Nice to see all the pics.  Hope everyone is ok x


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Edinbird, yes my daughter is at UEA. She loves it there. Only one year left though and then she'll be back in sunny MK. Lovely pics of the family. Jack is very cute. Hope he can ride his trike.


Rosina, your children's shopping sounds like when I send my husband out for 2 things and he returns with a shopping bag full of stuff. Normally sweets and crisps play a starring role. Mind you, at the moment I'm not complaining as I could happily eat all of that. Nice pic of you and your Mum. Oh and I have eyebrow envy! I mean yours, not your Mum's, although they are lovely too 😀


Thanks for the hair tips Marlyn. Will defo need those chalks to cover the silver!


MBJ lovely pic of you and your daughter. Can really see the likeness.


Well, I'm having a mare with my dinner today. Throught I had ordered braising steak from Tesco so I just set it all off in the pan. Had a quick look at the cooking instructions and realised I have bought normal steak! Too late now, it's in the pan. So now I need to go out and buy some more...or send h1 and see what else he comes back with 😂



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi everyone

Just a quick pop in.

Lovely photos today☺. Good news about Lexi☺.

Hope things improve for you Edinbird.

Have a lovely day everyone. xxxx 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Looking good Seasidesar.

Good news about Lexi.

Edinbird, I know that you feel rubbish, ( so did I yesterday) I love my showers. I can guarantee you will feel better . 

Marlyn ‘The Wife’ passed my Mum’s approval so anything that does that must get promoted.

My kids came back from Tesco and added ice cream and rice crispy squares as well as the toilet rolls and eggs ( these were on the list).

Going to have some ice cream now 🤪


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Sar so pleased Lexi is doing better, I hope she’s well enough to go home soon.


Is your daughter at UEA? I do miss Norwich, but Edinburgh is pretty good too!!


Good news here - husband is sparing me going out to buy a dishwasher!! He thought I might be tired or not wanting to go out. Well it’s more forking out for a dishwasher I don’t want! 😂 I need to wash my hair it’s been over a week and it’s positively disgusting. Maybe I’ll get the inclination later. But when you can just sit in your pjs and be skanky who cares!


So having to sit and watch bloody election analysis... he does like his politics. Looks like I’m doing very little today then. That’s alright with me 👍🏻



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning everyone,


Hope you're all having a good Bank holiday. Shame the weather has gone downhill a bit but at least it's not raining.


The latest on Lexi is that they have ruled out bacterial meningitis but we're still waiting to hear if is viral or something else. The good news is that she has continued to improve. My sister in law is particularly going through it as she is staying with Lexi the whole time. This after spending several weeks in hospital herself before Lexi was born.


We took d1 back to uni yesterday and spent a lovely day on the coast. We walked along Caister beach and then drove to Great Yarmouth where we popped into the arcades and a craft fair. It was a nice distraction. Finished the day at Pizza Express (during my low immunity week!) and lived to tell the tale. 😊


Absolutely worn out today so still sitting in bed cuddling the cat.


Catch up with you all later.


Sar xxx





20190526_154131.jpgI actually won!


IMG-20190526-WA0006.jpgWe didn't make this but wished we had!




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning MBJ

I can see the likeness 😊A47F71A3-82B9-4E53-89F0-5AF36CC98952.jpegWe spotted each other again.

With your daughter. I am feeling better having walked.

Tesco next .72B81D56-A46E-44D9-A6D9-3141770A8E90.jpegMum and I, teenage daughter took the picture.

Correction, the kids are going.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Daisy, how you feeling today love? Sounds horrible....x


been reading on the Dec thread and picking up some good tips on hair issues when it starts to appear ( I'm way off but good to know) I know I'm going to hate my white/grey hair so hair chalks may come in handy! They come in all colours too...never knew they existed! Also something called red dot shampoo? From lush? Will be looking into that also! 


Rosina, really enjoyed "The wife" on Netflix.....have also downloaded the calm app.....I'm loving the nighttime stories! X


I do hope today finds you all as well as you can be....I love you one and all!!! Xxxxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

My Lovely Daughter Vickki is 43 today. Can't wait to see her when the family come home in July. IMG_20190527_095929.jpg



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Me too cannot WAIT for this chemo to be over.  I am so fed up with walking around like I have a hot poker in each orifice.  It really is horrible and I dont know what I can do to stop it next time.  Surgery is an absolute breeze compared to this.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Edinbird,

lovely photos as Implausible said.

 I slept again this afternoon ( after my walk) drummer boy next door decided to practice ( he drums whenever he gets the urge , sometimes it is 10 pm) apart from sticking a Christmas card through their door and politely requesting some respite from the loud music with the foul language in it, we don’t have much interaction.

Mum decided to go next door and ring their doorbell asking for an hour of peace. They cooperated 🤗

Re, GA I wasn’t afraid . Actually I was so knackered I welcomed a good sleep !

Like Impossible says , chemotherapy is the toughest. I also want to get to the end of it !!!

Hope everyone has a good evening.




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Lovely photos Edinbird!  Your nephew is adorable and everyone looks to be having a ball at the party.  Shame it is so far away from you so you couldn't go Smiley Sad


As for the bell...agree that the end of chemo won't be the end of everything.  But it will still be the end of blooming chemo!!! Smiley Very Happy  And boy oh boy I can't wait!   I won't be dinging an actual bell on my last sesh, but I'll be over the moon to get it behind me all the same.  I'd definitely say that chemo has been one of the most unpleasant things I've ever had to deal with.  Really looking forward to it being in my rear view mirror.


Hope your tooth is ok!  


I'm just home from Leicester.  Shattered!!!  But had a brilliant weekend.  Saw so many old friends.  Made some new ones.  Watched some total legends paint.  And went to TGI Fridays for dinner for the first time in about 30 years (it hasn't changed much Smiley Very Happy


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

@Susie B wrote:

Thank you Marlyn and Implausible for your support. Knowing  you were terrified when you first had a ga Implausible makes me feel a little more normal. It really is that old chestnut of fear of the unknown😲😟😢. xxxx 

I was so convinced they were going to put me under and I would never wake up that I wrote letters for each of my kids!!


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Uneventful day here. Went to Sainsbury’s - got tired. Sat on sofa all afternoon. Ate dinner - got tired. Now trying to stay up for a bit as too early for bed! Most exciting thing that happened was jarring my tooth on chicken skin of all things!! I blame a chunky bit of salt or pepper but it feels really horrible now 🥴


Looks like Jack had a good party, he certainly seemed like he wanted his cake! First pic is my auntie and uncle, then mum and dad, then Anna my sister and Richard. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of him on his trike but his legs are too short! I’m sure he’ll be big enough soon 😊







I’m not scared of the anaesthetic so much but I guess I might change my mind when it’s time! I think I’ll be a mess when I see my friend before I go in though, I know he’ll be worrying about me and I might not see him until I can drive again afterwards. If I’m getting surgery 4-6 weeks after last chemo it’s likely to be just before or after his birthday too. Will just have to see what date I get.


And no bell for me - not only have I not seen one but it’s not for me. This has changed me - I might get rid of it now but it’ll be with me forever. I can’t ring a bell and pretend it’s all over. I’ll get my tattoos and show you them instead they will mark my milestones and make me stronger 💪🏻💕


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Thank you Marlyn and Implausible for your support. Knowing  you were terrified when you first had a ga Implausible makes me feel a little more normal. It really is that old chestnut of fear of the unknown😲😟😢. xxxx 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Daisy Di

you will bounce back my darlin if I can anyone can and I’ve been really bad in this T - if your really bad with aches ask for codeine and for temp try not to panic give yourself time to cool down and heat up I spoke with my onc about. It and she said your body struggles to regulate temp which is me - we’ll today I look like slap face syndrome it can’t be the sun I reckon it’s the wind chapping my face I look stupid though - eyelashes are also doing one today (I  look like a walking zombie ) I’ve honestly had really ugly days but today especially it cannot get any worse onwards and upwards from now on xx🙃❤️