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Re: 9th January starter....

Hi Alif! Sorry we're all in this place, but we'll get through it (because we have to!)


Can I suggest you head over to the "January 2019 chemo starters" thread and join us there?

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Re: 9th January starter....

Hi Alif
I started 28th December and had my first FEC-T. It wasn’t as bad as I feared. Days 3-6 inclusive have been rough for me, but felt I turned a corner by day 7.
Good luck. I read and sometimes comment on the Jan 2019 and Dec 2018.
We can do this we are strong and brave 💪💪💪
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9th January starter....

Hi ladies, I’m starting FEC-T chemo on the 9th January so am one of the club too! I went to the doctors for pre-chemo bloods today, I have my information session on Monday and then all being well Wednesday is the day. I’m really scared, more than I thought I would be. I’m ten weeks post mastectomy, the adrenaline post diagnosis has stopped pumping and has just left fear in its place!

Hoping that I can get through the first one ok then hopefully the rest will be ok x x