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Lump found 10 days ago, now found another in same breast


Ten days ago I felt a small lump near the very top of my right breast. It knocked me physically sick and I went to see my doctor the next day. She said she thought it was a cyst but referred me for a two week wait and I have an appointment at the hospital next Thursday (29th).

I was feeling slightly more positive.

I have just discovered another lump in the same breast but in a different place. This is to the bottom right of my areola and feels quite large, a few centimetres at least. This definitely wasn't there last week as the doctor had a good feel of both my breasts.

I could be physically sick. What are the chance of me getting two cysts in the same breast when I have never ever had one before. Would a cyst develop that quickly.

I am petrified. I literally feel like I cannot possibly wait a whole week for the hospital appointment.

I just feel like I have a gut feeling something is wrong, that two lumps like this couldn't just be 'nothing'

Has anyone else ever discovered two lumps that turned out to be nothing? I think what's woerying me more is that this second lump definitely wasn't there last week.

I'm 31.