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Fast tracked and anxious


Re: Fast tracked and anxious

Oh crikey, 4 weeks is so long. I hope you had a good outcome?

I'm definitely taking someone with me as I may be quite anxious to drive. 

The waiting is horrible! X


Re: Fast tracked and anxious

Thank you for your reply. The waiting is awful as you just want to know one way or another what it is. 

Its a great idea to take notes, I’m glad you suggested this as I won’t remember what is said.


Re: Fast tracked and anxious

Hi Humbug


So sorry you’ve found yourself in this position but a quick referral is great news. Remember, and you know this from personal experience, that most lumps are benign but all lumps have to be followed up, quite rightly. You obviously know what to expect but I’d suggest you take someone with you who can make notes if necessary and remind you of the questions you meant to ask. My friend did this for me - I was just numb and only heard the very basics but she had details written down and asked a few questions on my behalf and she passed it all on to my husband (I was past caring). It helped enormously.

I hope all goes well for you.



Re: Fast tracked and anxious

Hello Humbug1


Sorry you find yourself here, you will find lots of support and lovely people who want to help you lessen your worries.

You are lucky that you have such a quick appt arranged, my fast tract appt took 4 weeks so try to view it as a blessing if you can.


The breast clinics are ran so effectively and the staff are wonderful, you will most likely have an examination, mammogram and biopsies taken on the same day and be given a follow up appt for the results within a further couple of weeks, and if any further treatment or just monitoring is needed this is all explained. When they do the biopsises they give you a local anaestethic injection first so its not too bad an experience, I was glad I had the biopsies taken as it gave me piece of mind that the lump had been fully tested.


Take a note book and pen with you to write down any questions you have, and anything they tell you so you can refer back as it can feel overwhelming, I would also advise that you take someone supportive along with you, if only for the company or to do the driving!


Thinking of you xx





Fast tracked and anxious

Hello anyone who is reading. 

Last week on holiday I found an hard lump in my left breast.  Today I went to my doctors and was seen by a lady doctor who confirmed it to be around 4cm, hard and also could be felt underneath.  She had another doctor in who also confirmed the lump and thought it looked swollen.

Almost 10 years ago I was referred to a breast clinic and they found a cluster of calcification and then did a biopsy a few weeks later when they multiplied. The results came back clear and since then I’ve had regular mammograms.

Im 54 and have been on HRT for 5 years since having a total hysterectomy. 

The doctor said she would make sure she got me an urgent referral before I left and said I would most likely need a biopsy on the lump and I’ve got an appointment for next Friday.  

Feeling very anxious and worried.